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Enzymes: Pool Water Treatment

Enzymes: Pool Water treatment

by Sean Griffin, November 18, 2011

Enzymes: Pool Water Treatment


enzymes in the pool

 Enzyme treatment of your pool water is a natural way to break down organic material which is one of the many benefits when incorporating it into your weekly maintenance. Enzymes are a catalyst for a biochemical reaction which naturally breaks down certain compounds to their chemical building blocks. This will reserve chlorine to combat harmful bacteria. Enzyme treated pool water can require 50% less chemical shocking. Free Chlorine usage will be ideal and your water quality, filtration, and even staining on the pool wall surface will improve.  

Enzymes are present in all living things. Although not considered to be a living organism they naturally feed on oils. They search out oils and simplify the molecules. Enzymes are used in large scale oil spill clean-up efforts when massive volumes of crude oil are dumped into our oceans. Through the help of enzymes, environmental and ecosystem damage is reduced.

We often underestimate what we introduce into our pool water. Suntan lotions, body waste, cosmetics, oils and lotions are among the top elements being left behind from the average swimmer. These residues can coagulate and coat the filter cartridge or other filtration medias. Filter cartridges will have the pores of the fabric clogged which can cause filtration issues and the cartridges will need to be cleaned or replaced. D.E. grids are also subject to becoming damaged while filters with sand or Zeobest can form mud balling. Mud-Balling refers to the media sand becoming clumped up within the filter which leads to less effective filtration.

Excessive organic and oil build up can cause:

            A scum line around the perimeter of the pool. A “bathtub ring” that can tarnish and dull the tile line of the pool

·          Chemical odors due to the increase in Chloramines

         Filtration media having reduced efficiency which will lead to premature replacement. Cartridges and DE grids as well as filter sand clumping and mud-balling

Poor water clarity. Excessive sun tan lotion can even appear as an oil slick across the surface of the water and organic particles can cause water to be murky

Benefits of using an Enzyme based product:

  Reduce Chlorine demand. The water chemistry and contaminants that are introduced will dictate the difference. Enzyme use can lead to 50% or more in a chlorine use reduction

  Prolonged filter media. Less cleaning and maintanence. Although effective, cleaning chemicals can shorten the life of a cartridge or grid element

  Foaming of the pool water is eliminated. Foaming can be caused by several factors that include lotions, oils and fats from soap

  Organic build up on the tile line will be removed and continual enzyme use will prevent a returning “scum line”

  Water Clarity can be noticeably better. Organic saturation, which can cloud water with particles that are not big enough to be filtered out, will be eradicated. Enzymes will also soften the water

Pool enzyme products mixed with phosphate removers will stunt algae growth by eliminating the algae main source of food and killing the existing algae spores. Natural Chemistry's Pool Perfect and Great Lake’s Orb-3 are natural enzyme based formulas combined with all natural botanical extracts that powerfully biodegrade organics in your pool water. These swimmer safe products are used on a large scale around the world at well known water parks and water resorts. Even uncirculated ponds can benefit from treatments to reduce slim and algae build up.