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Atlantic City Pool and Spa Expo

Annual Pool and Spa Expo

by Sean Griffin, February 7, 2012


Atlantic City Pool and Spa Expo

Every year innovative products are introduced at the Pool and Spa expo out of Atlantic City New Jersey. The 31st annual meeting of minds and pool professionals was a great success. Although I was unable to attend this year, reviews and excitement over cutting edge pool technology has been amplified within circles of pool professionals and brought to my attention. Several new product releases as well as improvements on existing designs will be making big waves in 2012. Here is a quick recap of products and technology we’ll begin to see in action this upcoming swimming pool season.

Ambient lighting has been adding soothing visuals to our backyard pool experiences over the past several years. GLI has been working hard on allowing average homeowners to incorporate additional lighting without the need of complicated installation. With several options, ChillLite Pool & Patio Lighting can turn any backyard into a glowing sanctuary.

For those of us who are looking to add some underwater seating without the expense of a major renovation, Envy Pool Products has introduces submergible yet temporary bar stools that are fitted with remote controlled rechargeable LED’s. These fully adjustable stools can come in handy if you trying to take a quick break while they provide hours of lighting. The Pool Stool is a great invention which will soon be accompanied by the Pool Table.

As manufacturers are trying to satisfy all of our human senses, improvements and new products in the field of audio speakers are being released every year. Underwater speakers have come a long way and for surrounding speakers durability and versatility has taken large strides.

Four Wheel drive equates to heavy duty and tuff terrain and that’s exactly what helped improve upon the relatively recent release of Polaris’ robotic cleaner. The Polaris 9400 Sport 4WD Robotic In-Ground Cleaner is state of the art. Equipped with full suction while moving forward and in reverse it cleans the pool 20% faster than standard robotic cleaners. In recent years Polaris has made headway in the robotic pool cleaner field with the introduction of the 9300 Sport Robotic. The 9300 is also offered as the 9300 XI which has remote cleaning as well as integration options with automated controls.

Another improvement by Zodiac is the new tail sweep that can be used on all the polaris pressure side claeners. The jet stream from the tail sweep, designed to move water, blast small dust, and scrub walls, will no longer be spraying your pool water above the surface. As a pool service tech I have seen a Polaris tail sweep get caught in a ladder and drain down a swimming pool to the point of causing possible equipment damage. Dogs and other pets captivated by the random water stream won’t appreciate the new feature as much as pool enthusiasts but the new tail sweep is an ingenious improvement on the already fantastic cleaners.