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Swimming Pools – What Is Your Choice?


Swimming Pools – What Is Your Choice?

by Guest Blogger Chris Miles, February 13, 2012

Swimming Pools – What Is Your Choice?


Whilst here we are in the middle of winter, if you are thinking about buying a swimming pool for summer then now is the ideal time to go about buying one.

"Why buy a swimming pool in winter?" I hear you cry! Well firstly, if it is a hot summer then by the time you get around to buying a pool you will either have left it too late if you are going to have one built in the ground as typically an installer will be booked up months in advance, or you the dealer will not have the above ground pool you want in stock.

Secondly, you will find that prices will be lower if you buy a pool in winter, and you will also have a far wider range of options available to purchase. You may have your ideal purchase in mind but it you wait until summer then you may not find anywhere with it in stock.

So, you want a pool and have made the sensible choice to buy one in winter when prices are low and supply is good, so what are you going to buy? These days you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to purchasing a swimming pool, with many do it yourself options available.

Long gone are the days when the only way to get a swimming pool installed was to have a professional build it for you at the price they wanted to charge. You can now buy a wide variety of swimming pools in kit form, either in ground or above ground pool kits.

In general, above ground pool kits tend to be cheaper to build than in ground ones. Other than supplying electric and water to it, the cost of the pool kit is the only expense you will have. Whereas an in ground pool kit will cost more - to make a more permanent installation, with the cost of excavating and removing the soil required to site the pool - on top of its purchase price.

In ground pool kits commonly take the form of a block and liner kit, which will require you to build the walls and floor, or a pre-formed metal pool, which will still need a hole digging to fit it but will need nothing more than electric and water connecting to it. Fiberglass pools are also available, the entire shell drops into the pool.

Above ground pool kits are easily obtained and far cheaper and easier to install, and can even be installed in a day or less by one person. So if you are going to buy a pool consider doing it now, not in summer.

Chris Miles is the Director at Splash and Relax, the leading supplier of swimming pools products in the UK.
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