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Pool Apps for your Smartphone

  Pool Apps for your Smartphone

Rob Cox, February 23, 2012

Pool Apps for your Smartphone

As a follow up to our post on swimming pool apps 15 months ago, we are happy to report an abundance of new apps available for iDevice or Droid phones. App Development has continued at breakneck speed, and many new apps are available for pool owners, operators, lifeguards, managers, service techs and even swimmers and coaches.

Apps is short for application, small productivity programs that run on your phone or tablet. You might call them a widget, in most cases, the app helps us by making precise calculations, and keeping track of these results. Having quick access to repetitive digital activity, through an app, is more convenient than handwriting notes, or waiting until you can go login to the desktop.

Apps have brought information to our pockets. Years ago, we may spend hours fumbling around chat rooms and forums, trying to answer a technical pool question, and now we just pull up the app, do a quick google search for an Q&A site, or post our queries to our social and sharing networks.

Now, my dear reader - I hope you fall into one of these categories below. In addition to Droid and iDevice (phone/pod/pad) users, Windows mobile and newer BlackBerry devices also have swimming pool apps they can access. That's a topic for another day I suppose.

For more information on the swimming pool apps, search the Apple app store for iDevice apps, and for Droid apps, you'll find plenty at market.android.com.

Apps for Cool Pool Owners:

swim universitySwim University: Available for both the iPhone and Droid, Swim University has aggregated lots of information from blogs to buying guides, and allowed for fast searching of common pool questions, or reading up on new pool topics when you need to pass the time. Free.


how's my waterHowsMyWater: Use your iPhone® camera to photograph any of the many test strips on the market today.  HowsMyWater will improve accuracy by eliminating color matching, automatically save your data, provide customized treatments, and display historical trends for your pool. $5.99.


pool doctorPool Doctor: Use your iPhone or Droid to calculate pool volume, and water balance parameters for chlorine or salt pools. Just enter 3 test results, or more if  you wish. Provides "Doctor's Orders" for making pool chemical adjustments, in an easy to use interface. Includes email tech support. $1.99.



Apps for Cool Pool People:

pool news feed appPoolNewsFeed: Only currently available for Droid, iPhone coming soon. This is an App for people in the pool,spa and aquatics industry to stay on top of current pool news worldwide. Includes US, UK, Australia and other pool news feeds. Free.

pool manager app by nspfPool Manager: Digital news, and route service / pool management tools to keep track of many pools. Logs your pool visits, and allows creation of invoices and shopping lists. Keeps track of customers and scheduling as well. Made by NSPF. Free.


Apps for Cool Competition Swim:

pool pal appPool Pal: Allows you to track swim times, training sessions, personal bests, events / galas, clubs, pools and race results. Use it to log your own swimming, your family's or your friend's. Add multiple swimmers, clubs and events. $1.99

race analyzer appRace Analyzer: For swim coaches and swimmers; this iPhone app to evaluate their swim performance. Calculates dozens of complex formulas to analyze swim times, splits, turns, cycles, breakout, tempos and more. 30 day free trial. Free.


deck pass appDeck Pass: For both iPhones and Droids, the official mobile app of USA Swimming is not just an app, but a social network. News, Friends, Logs, Scoreboard. Users collect patches, and list their meets, times and goals. Free.



Swim Radar: For the traveling iPhone user and swimmer, access to over 17,000 pools and open water swimming areas around the world that you can make use of. Allows sorting and sharing of results. $2.99.