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Summer Pool Party Games

Summer Pool Party Games
by Rob Cox, July 4, 2012

Summer Pool Party Games for Adults

summer pool party gamesJuly 4th pool parties - what's more American than that? BBQ, music, friends and your clear, blue pool.

Getting your guests in the water can sometimes be a challenge. Easy enough for kids - but how do you get adults into the pool?

The first step is prep. Prepare your guests by telling them to bring or wear their swimsuit to the pool party. Have a "Get Wet Pool Party".

Next step in prep is to have many towels on hand, and places for guests to dry off when they get out of the pool. A changing cabana is a nice touch, or another comfortable location where your guests can change out of their suits after their swim will make the experience more enjoyable for adult pool party swimmers.

Here's some fun pool party games that will help draw adults into the pool.

Pool Volleyball Game

Pool volleyball is the most popular social mixing game for adults. Volleyball in the pool is a game that is non-threatening for most people, and can really get adults into the water. Using a beachball, as in the picture above slows the game down, and makes it more fun for everyone. Draw the line at spiking the ball however, to prevent bloody noses. We have several pool volleyball games similar to what's shown in the picture, or you can string any volleyball net across the pool, tied to poles or extended to a sturdy fence or strong tree.

Inner Tube Water Polo

This game requires a pool on the large side, and a deck on two sides to set up your water polo goals. If your kid has a small soccer or hockey net, these make good goals, or you can lay two deck chairs sideways on the edge of the pool, with a lounge chair on top. yellow tube

Like pool volleyball, inner tube water polo games will slow down when you use a beachball instead of a volleyball or real water polo ball. But the inner tubes will slow down the game too, and create a lot of giggles as players paddle to manuever themselves within shooting range of the opposite team's goal. For most adults, the 36" tube is too small, go for the 42" tubes, or 48, if your players are larger adults.

Parlor Games

There are some other pool games that you can offer adult guests, such as the Swim-up BlackJack game, a floating blackjack table for 2-4 people. If all your rowdy friends are coming over tonight, maybe they'd like to play the PortOPong game, which is an inflatable, floating beer pong game - try to bounce the ping pong balls into the other players cups.

Floating Islands & Chairs

papasan float

Having several comfortable floating pool chairs or floating islands for your guests to lounge in also gets them, and keeps them in the pool. The Papasan Spring float is affordable enough to buy several, and keeps guests in an upright position. The Sunseat Spring float is a bit larger pool seat that can keep guests comfortably chatting for hours.

Islands look great in the pool, and they always attract the bathing beauties. 6' wide, and larger inflatable pool islands can hold 2-3 people. If you have a larger pool you can fit several of these islands.

Hoping all of your pool parties this summer are fun and safe! Enjoy your pools, America!