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Doggy Day Swim

     Doggy Day Swim
by Rob CoxSeptember 19, 2012

Doggy Day Swim

Who let the dogs out! Who - Who - Who..

In September of each year, the dog finally has his day. Many community pools have a post labor day Saturday set aside for the dogs of the members to enjoy a refreshing swim. 

No humans allowed on Doggy Swim Day! The dogs have the pool all to themselves. These dogs break all the rules - they're running on the deck, diving in the shallow end, and dunking each other. 

We tried to get some of the dogs to go off the diving board (3/4 meter), but that didn't go so well. Broke the rules again by jumping off sideways. Oh well, guess you can't teach an old dog a new trick! 

Here's some more pictures of our Doggy Swim Day 2012.

swimming dogs, dogs jumping into pools

pool day for dogs

dogs allowed to use the pool

dogs swim in the pool

dog swim day

doggy swim day

dogs in the pool

Tips for Swimming Dogs in the Pool

  • Dogs are not natural swimmers, and may tire easily. 
  • Keep your dog in the shallow end and keep an eye on him.
  • Don't throw your dog in the pool, or drag them in by the collar.
  • Have your dog enter and exit using steps or stairs. 
  • Water should be balanced and chlorine level should be low. 

Is it OK for a dog to swim in the pool? 

  • If your pool is vinyl lined, sharp claws could damage the vinyl. 
  • Dogs in the pool may cause your pH to rise.
  • Dogs in the pool can add Phosphates and Nitrates to the pool.
  • Hairy dogs can clog up a pump basket fairly quickly. 

It's OK to have your dogs swim in the pool. If they enjoy it, why not? You should limit their time in the pool however, by blowing the whistle for a break every half-hour. During this time offer drinking water and a shady spot to relax. And, perhaps some encouragement for your dog to use the bathroom. Make sure that the chlorine level is under 1.0 ppm, high chlorine levels are irritating for many dog's skin. 

Can I teach my dog how to swim?

Your dog won't be able to learn the eggbeater kick, or the Australian Crawl, but you can help your dog to enjoy your pool. Swimming is great exercise for dogs, and nothing is better on a hot summer day. Teach your dogs how to exit the pool using the stairs or the swim out. A reward may help them remember, and you may have to show them more than once. 

Concerned about pet safety around the pool? 

Hundreds of pets and animals drown in pools every year. Besides proper supervision of your pets around the pool, here's some ways that you can protect your pets from tragedy. 

  • Doggie Life Vests can be worn whenever you are outside, or around the pool. 
  • Safety Turtle sounds an alarm in the house if the collar sensor becomes wet. 
  • Use interior fences around your pool, or other barriers to prevent access.
  • Pool Pet exit ramps are needed if you don't have "wedding cake" style steps in your pool.