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5 Ways to Enhance Your Swimming Pool Area

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by Guest Blogger Robert Mitkow, December 15, 2012

5 Ways to Enhance Your Swimming Pool Area

Having a swimming pool in your backyard or somewhere outdoor is a great way to spend some quality time with your family. The pool will act as a good companion and leisure activity for all the members of the family.
Swimming pools are great for your own little holiday, whenever you need to get away, or spend more time with your family. Perhaps your pool ambiance has slipped a bit over the years? Simply put, all you need is a bit of redecoration, adding things to enhance it's visual appeal.

Although there are many ways through which you can enhance the swimming pool area, given below are 5 tips to point you in the right direction.

Add Color

Swimming pool areascan be more than simply blue and white. Adding color around the pool area will give a very different and unique look which will make it all the more inviting. Planting areas if you have them, or potted plants can be staged for continual blooming. Pool decks can be flat grey, or you can liven up the area with colored or stained concrete, stampcrete, stone or tile surfaces. Colorful pool floats, or patio furniture and umbrellas in unexpected hues.


Add lights

Lights are an extremely important part of swimming pools. This is simply because pools aren’t just used during the day but also at night time when there is no natural light available. In such cases, it is important to place the right kind of lights in good locations to decrease the likelihood of accidents. Lighting can also help give the pool a nice calming and peaceful look, helping you relax long into the night.


Add Sun Loungers

Sun Loungers are an absolute necessity for the swimming pool area. Without a good old sun lounger, something like a Rattan lounger by Bridgman, you won’t be able to take in the full effect of the swimming pool before or after your swim session.
Synthetic Rattan is a great choice of material because it is comfortable, stylish and available in a large choice of colors. Rattan loungers are also extremely durable and virtually maintenance free.

Add perennial borders

Borders are a very good idea if you have an inbuilt swimming pool as it will help to improve the entire look and will also provide you with good protection. A colorful planted border will really pop - especially if in a contrasting color to the pool itself. Planting perennial beds with a mind to their blooming season, will allow you to create different colors for 3 seasons.
 add color around your pool

Add plants and bushes

Ask any experienced landscaper and they will tell you that adding plants and bushes around the pool will immeasurably increase the attractiveness of your outdoor pool area. Try to design with colors in mind, and a spatial balance of plants and planter areas, both horizontally and vertically.
We would, however, recommend that you place these plants a considerable distance from the pool to prevent the leaves from constantly falling in. Evergreen bushes are preferential as they protect your privacy all year round. Large trees, with expansive root systems, could cause a problem for vinyl lined pools, and should be placed a minimum of 20 feet away from the pool edge.
So there it is, 5 techniques or ways through which you can enhance your swimming pool area without going to great lengths and spending a lot of money on unnecessary details.
Robert Mitkow is a Design Writer for Bridgman Furniture - the UK's #1 Premier Supplier of Outdoor Living Furniture & Accessories