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2013 Drowning Statistics
2010 Pool Drowning Statistics

by Rob Cox, January 4, 2013

2013 Pool Drowning Statistics


Will the toll of drownings in 2013 be less than 2012? We can hope that the trend continues - 2012 saw a decrease in the number of child drownings for the first time in several years.

Nonetheless, drowning remains to be the leading cause of unintentional death for children ages 1-4, so there is more work to be done.

More community outreach and education. More brochures, in more languages. Hispanic children report very low rates of swimming ability, as many as 62% report that they cannot swim.

More swim lessons to young children. Especially young boys, since 80% of victims are male.

And more supervision. Nearly 1/3 of the drownings last year were attributed to poor adult supervision. The victim drowned while the responsible adult was nearby but not watching.

Leading the nation in drownings last year was the sunbelt states of Texas and California - no surprise. What was surprising was the number of drownings in the northern and mid-west states.

Record hot temperatures no doubt had something to do with it - however, we can't blame the weather, can we? It should come as no surprise that swimming pool or water related injuries in general, peaks during the summer months, June and August specifically.

If you have children of pre-teen years in your house, or if you will ever have toddlers and young people in your house - take these proper steps to ensure pool safety.

  • Install a pool safety fence around all 4 sides of the pool
  • Teach your babies how to swim!
  • Teach pool safety to your family!
  • Lock your gates and doors, use alarms.
  • Actively supervise your swimmers.

Let's work hard so that our 2013 drowning statistics are something that can be reported on with the knowledge that some gains were made. Spread the word on pool safety if you're in the pool business - and if you're a pool owner ~ don't think it can't happen to you!