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Organize a Pool Safety Event in your Community

How to April Pools Day Events

by Rob Cox, April 5, 2013

April Pools Day Promotes Pool Safety

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Jumping Girl - credit YMCAMay is Pool Safety Month, but many communities get an early start on recreational water safety promotion by staging an April Pools Day at local swimming pools.

These events are used to raise awareness of the need to teach our kids to swim, demonstrate safe swimming skills and rescue techniques.

Organizers of pool safety events such as April Pools Day are often a mix of parents, pool safety advocates, fire departments, schools and community recreation departments.


April Pools Day event in your Neighborhood

Many of the warmer areas have their April Pools Day event on April 1st. Dallas, Las Vegas, Tuscon, and many others held events this last Monday. For other areas, you can wait a bit longer, until some warmer weather comes later in the month - or have May Day Pool Safety Day!

Here's some tips on Organizing a Pool Safety Event in your Community.

1. Decide on the Content

Set your goals first. What areas of pool and water safety will be emphasized? A carnival or fair atmosphere can feature different areas of safety and awareness, with specific stations, timed events and demonstrations. Have age appropriate information for kids, teens and adults.

  • Free Swim lessons?
  • Raffle for donated swim lessons?
  • Hot Dogs and Balloons for the kiddies?Did you Know? Safety Information credit: sncdpc.org
  • Firefighter displays of pool safety?
  • Water Rescue Demonstrations?
  • Large Pool Safety Information Banners?
  • Small leaflets and Pool Safety Goodie Bags?
  • Swimming Skills Demonstration?
  • Recognizing Pool Safety Heros?
  • Speakers on Pool Safety?
  • Pool Safety Videos looping?
  • Pool Safety Video Games?
  • CPR demonstrations?

2. Obtain Strategic Partnerships

Do you need to raise money, and for what specific purposes? Money need not be the goal, awareness and skill building are important, but you may need to have sponsors to cover printing and promotion costs, or to extend efforts beyond April Pools Day.

You can ask for support from local sponsors, or solicit donations to the cause at the event. Large donors can be recognized with photographed and publicized oversize check presentations. Here's some groups that would be inclined to support pool safety, but don't rule out other organizations, national and local.

Your sponsors and partners logos should be on literature footers, mailings, on banners and in your social media efforts for the event.

  • Fire / Rescue Departmentsgood partners - getting the whole community involved
  • Parks & Rec Departments
  • American Red Cross
  • Area Children's Hospitals
  • Schools and Summer Camps
  • Churches and Civic Organizations
  • Local APSP Chapters
  • Local YMCA Facilities
  • Swim Clubs and Swim Teams
  • Child Safety Advocate Groups
  • Local Pool Builders and Retailers

3. Event Promotions

Without getting the word out, your event may be under attended. It seems like a long list, but it can be accomplished in a very short timeframe. And since this is a good cause, you should find most organizations ready and willing to help.

  • Create a logo for the eventHouston April Pools Day logo
  • Write an article for regional and local newspapers
  • Create flyers to post in local businesses and schools
  • Contact local TV news stations to suggest they cover the event
  • Setup a Facebook page, and have everyone involved Like the Page
  • Contact local talk radio stations, to suggest pre-event coverage
  • Ask local pool companies to send their email list an event announcement, or ask to 'borrow' their email list.
  • Create several sizes of banners, and ask partners to post one on their website, linking to the facebook page.