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Hot & Cool Pool Products for 2013

Hot & Cool Pool Products for 2013

by Sean Kerndt, April 26, 2013

New Swimming Pool Products for 2013

Here at Poolcenter we are constantly adding the latest and greatest in pool products and equipment. This year is no different as we have a fantastic lineup of new products from your most trusted brands. Be sure to keep an eye out for these hot new products coming live on our website, soon!


The AiriSpa is an affordable hot tub that you can take wherever you please. This is a two person hot tub that is built using the unique Airframe Technology, which is a new kind of vinyl making the AiriSpa incredibly soft, yet durable. It features special hydro-seating chairs which are much more comfortable than standard hot tub seating, since you fill the seats up with water instead of sitting on hard plastic.
This portable hot tub comes with everything you need right out of the box. Setting up the spa is simple, just fill the hot tub with air, add water, and begin the heating process. The AiriSpa features an energy efficient motor with a digital thermometer that can be set up to 104 degrees. It has a built in, self-contained pump/filter system and 1000 watt heater that work with the 127 micro-air jets to give you an enjoyable and relaxing spa experience.



Pool Water Bonding Kit
Our new Pool Water Bonding Kit will help your swimming pool meet specifications required by the National Electrical Code (NEC) to prevent stray electrical currents from shocking people in your swimming pool. This easy to install kit will help meet regulations requiring an electrical bond of at least nine square inches be installed in contact with the pool water (Installs inside of the skimmer).
The best feature of the Pool Water Bonding Kit is that it is so inexpensive. Comes with a 10.5 square inch bonding plate that siphons any stray electricity away from the pool. You can rest assured your swimming pool is safe and up to code while you're having fun with your family and friends this summer.
Pool water bonding kit

Flippin Frog Floating Mineral & Chlorine Cartridge System
Flippin Frog is a brand new complete mineral and chlorine swimming pool care system for soft-sided pools up to 5,000 gallons. It uses minerals and low levels of chlorine to effectively kill bacteria in your swimming pool. The Flippin Frog unit dispenses chlorine for between two and four weeks and then flips over once it’s out of chlorine, so you know when to refill. While flipped over it dispenses bacteria fighting minerals that last up to six months in your pool.
This unique chlorinator is wonderful because it uses 50% less chlorine than a standard chlorinator which helps prevent strong odors and bleached bathing suits. Flippin Frog is a neutral pH chlorine dispenser and requires less dosing and monitoring than many competing chlorinators. Help keep your swimming pool water beautiful and soft this summer with a Flippin Frog Chlorine and Mineral System. Be sure to grab some Frog Test Strips and some Flippin Frog Replacement Chlorine Cartridges to complete your pool maintenance package.

Intermatic Multiwave Control System
The Intermatic Multiwave Control System is a fantastic way to control your pool and spa equipment. Using this system to automate your swimming pool equipment will help save energy while reducing your utility costs. It's a simple to use and highly customizable control system that comes with five available circuits. It can easily handle a single-speed, two-speed, or variable speed pump and comes with a fireman's switch connector for use with your heater or heat pump.
This unit features 24 hour timing with three on/off events per circuit. All of these great features are easily controlled by the remote control system. This handheld remote gives you all the information you need to adjust your pool equipment. The water-resistant display shows the time of day, equipment status, and water/air temperatures. It also lets you program and display your equipment schedules, adjust pool and spa temperatures, and choose between variable pump speeds. Organize and automate your pool equipment with an Intermatic Multiwave Control System this year. 


Digital Seasonality Timer

The Intermatic Digital Pool and Spa Seasonality Timer is unique because it automatically adjusts the filter run time depending on the season. It will run the filter pump for longer during the summer while running it shorter during the colder months. This enables you to conserve your energy usage and save money on utility bills.
The Seasonality Timer comes with two speed controls allowing for separate daily schedules and has a low speed setting for all four seasons. Compared to standard pool timers the seasonality timer can save up to 40% in monthly utility bills.
AquaPro ECO500 Heat Pump
The Eco500 Heat Pump from AquaPro is a state of the art swimming pool heater for pools up to 16,000 gallons. It's perfect for warmer climates because it can both heat and cool your pool water, allowing complete control over your pool temperature. The Eco500 is a highly efficient pool heater that features digital thermostat controllers, titanium heat exchangers, and rugged UV resistant housings.
This pool heat pump runs very quietly and is 85% more energy efficient than gas heaters, saving you money on heating costs. This unit is easy to install and comes in a compact design allowing you to place this unit almost anywhere near your pool.

Dancing Waters Underwater Light & Fountain Show
Add some fun and excitement to your evening pool parties with a Dancing Water Underwater Light and Fountain Show. The fountain connects to a music source such as an iPod to create a dazzling, custom water and light show. All you need is your music and a speaker system to have your pool parties rocking with this fountain.
The unit includes a wireless remote and is able to transmit up to 75 feet away. The beautiful water, color, and light display will have you and your guests mesmerized all night long!

Fun and new pool products. Have a great 2013 pool season!