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5 ways to Have More Fun in Your Backyard Pool

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by Rob Cox, June 22, 2013

How to Get More FUN out of Your Pool

Have more FUN in your swimming pool!Now that summer is officially here, don't waste a minute soaking up every bit of fun that your pool can offer. 

For some, the joy of pool ownership may wane after several years, especially if you're the one who cleans and maintains the pool.

This year, resolve to get more fun out of your pool - that's what it's there for! Here's some ideas on little ways to enjoy your pool more this summer.


1. Underwater Photos and Videos

underwater pool photos

Taking pictures or video in your pool is something nearly anyone can do these days. Disposable underwater cameras can be purchased for $10 at any novelty store - or, use your smart phone inside of a watertight cases, which can also be purchased for less than $10.

Capture great memories that will last forever. Underwater photos are incredibly candid and spontaneous. They can be fun and silly, or artistic and serious.

An underwater group shot is a great idea for a pool party. Print them out and give to your guests as they leave.


2. Light Up the Night

Chill Lites for PoolsI really like the look of Tiki torches around the pool, or for more dramatic flames, gas powered firebowls are all the rage now. Wood fueled fire pits are a great way to enjoy summer nights, into autumn.

LED pool light bulbs can bathe your pool in colored light, while saving 75% of lighting costs. 500 watt bulbs will someday be a thing of the past.

Glowing orbs are also a popular way to add some cool luminescence to your pool area. Floating pool lights can be dramatic in the pool, or used on the pool deck.


3. Play Volleyball

One of the most underrated pool games - Pool Volleyball - one of the only pool games I know of that will bring players of both sexes and all ages into the pool.

For a slower paced game, substitute a beach ball for a pool volleyball. The beachball hangs in the air longer, and if it hits someone in the face; no harm, no foul. Our 46 in. beachball adds lots of giggles.

Pool Volleyball Game sets are quick to set up, or for a permanent mount used with removable poles, insert two ladder cup anchors into the deck, on opposite sides of the pool.

4. Update the Pool Furniture

cool pool patio furnitureAdults; we like to sit around and talk, but for us - that's fun! Create a conversation area, with comfortable pool furniture that will keep people lounging for hours.

Today's pool furniture is large, cozy and inviting. Materials are more durable than ever, even in strong southern sun. Updating the pool furniture may be just the thing to increase your pool time.

If you're planning a luau themed pool party, get a Tiki Bar. It's also a great area to serve snacks or provide additional seating. You can buy a Tiki Bar in a kit online, and assemble them in just an hour.

 5. Micro RC Boat Races

RC micro boats for the poolRacing small Radio Control (RC) boats across the pool is fun for nearly anyone. They are cheap to buy and run on regular batteries.

Micro RC boats are more fun in the pool than their larger cousins, who reach the other end of the pool in just a few seconds. With the Micro RC boats, you can have longer races, or set up an obstacle course in the pool!


There you have it - 5 ways to increase your Fun Factor this summer in the pool. Got other ideas? Leave a comment below.

- Rob