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by Rob Cox September 03, 2013

End of Summer Swim Camp



I've had a really great swim summer this year. By my count, and some miracle, I have managed to swim laps over 35 times this summer. Roughly 3x per week I swim 1000 yards, and that has added up to a couple of miles!

I'm quite proud of myself, as you can tell - but, 1000 yards is not such a grueling workout, as any real swimmer will tell you. Yeah - it only takes 30 minutes or so, but for my purposes, it's the most perfect exercise in the world.

Summer is almost over! Here's some ideas of easy and medium workouts that you can do in your own pool, or at your local swim club.Take advantage of these final weeks of summer, and get your swim on!

Easy Swim Workouts

Here's a few simple workouts that can be done in just 20 or 30 minutes. 25 yards is equal to 75 feet, adjust the number of laps if you are swimming in a smaller pool.

Mix it up a bit by adding in additional sub sets, like using a kickboard for awhile. Do whatever swimming strokes you feel comfortable with.

Flying Fish Swim Workout

Medium Swim Workouts

You wanna push it a bit more? After half a dozen swim workouts, you'll begin to feel stronger and faster. Push yourself hard each time and you'll keep your exertion ahead of your improving abilities.

Longer continuous swimming will improve your endurance and give you the aerobic exercise that swimming is so famous for. In these medium effort swim routines, we are swimming longer distances, to give the heart, lungs and muscles are real workout!

Baracuda swim workout routine


Hard Swim Workouts



Maybe you're a Triathlete, Masters Swimmer, or just like the grueling workout of an hour in the pool. No better way to clear the mind, and if you are able to spend an hour doing other sports, you'll be able to do the same in the pool.

At this level of swim training, you are interested in always going just a tiny bit harder, to keep each workout productive. Timing your sets and your rest periods, is done to keep challenging yourself to swim personal best times.

Use a cheap digital watch with a stop watch function, and keep track of your best times.


Give it a shot, even if it's just for the few weeks left of summer, create your own personalized workout routine, and enjoy the benefits of swimming!


- Rob