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Polaris Pool Parts Pictogram
by Rob Cox September 17, 2013

Polaris Pool Parts Pictogram

polaris 280 partsImages on the internet are simply amazing now. In the old days of the 'net, we had small, fuzzy schematics to look at and try to determine if that was the part we needed.

And now, with broadband available for most pool owners, image projects undertaken by many online parts retailers, and snapshots taken by owners of Polaris pool cleaners, it's not hard to find an image of the Polaris cleaner part you're looking for.

Today, we aggregate some of the best images into a pictorial of the most common Polaris cleaner parts we sell. Use this as a way to easily identify that part on your Polaris, instead of squinting at black and white line art.

 Polaris 65 / 165 Parts

Turbo Turtle, Polaris 165The Polaris 65, the 165 and the Turbo Turtle all share similar parts. Identical, except that the 65 has a shorter 7 ft. sweep hose, for use in aboveground pools with flat floors.

They have a unique Polaris wall connector, but use the same wall screen and Universal Wall Fitting of all Polaris pool cleaners. 

These parts below are the most common replacement parts for Polaris 65/165 cleaners - which are very interesting looking parts, don't you think?


Connector Chamber
Randomizer Ball
Randomizer Tube

Piston Assy
Jet Nozzle Hose
Jet Body Assy Wheel Cage Assy Hose Float
Jet Sweep Head Jet Sweep Harness All Purpose Bag


Polaris 180 / 280 / 360 / 380 Parts

polaris pool cleaner parts for models 180, 280, 380

For inground pools, you can't beat the performance of one of Polaris' classic 3 wheel designs. The original 180, the flagship 380, the work horse 280 cleaner all share many common parts.

The hose assemblies are identical for all models, with the exception of the 360 model, which has a 1-1/4in. diameter ribbed hose, all other models using a 3/4in. smooth feed hose.

Tires, wheels and bearings are the same for the shaft driven 180 and 280, but different for the 360 and 380, which are belt driven.

Most popular parts for 180 / 280 / 360 / 380 Polaris pool cleaners:

Posi-Trax Tire Wheel Bearings Wheels
Tail Sweep Pro Tail Wear Rings 360 / 380 Belt Kit
Back Up Valve  Hose Swivel / Nut
Univ. Wall Fitting
Hose Floats Filter Screen Main Turbine Bearing


Polaris ATV / 340 Parts

polaris atv cleaner partsPolaris has a dog in every fight, and has several suction cleaners. The ATV, also known as the 340 model, is the only suction cleaner with a built in reverse mechanism.

Polaris ATV parts are more numerous than most suction pool cleaners, with its advanced features. The most complicated parts are modules, thankfully.

This cleaner doesn't require replacement parts as often, but like all pool cleaners, working hard all day, there are some wearable parts that will someday wear out, or be damaged by rough pool play.


Propeller Propeller Grid Swivel Assy
Power Module Belt Kit Axle Block Assy
Wheels Tires
Skimmer Adapter
Flow Regulator Hose Weight


Polaris 3900 Sport Parts

polaris 3900 sport pool cleaner partsIndisputably the coolest pool cleaner available. The only chain driven pool cleaner, with high performance features and a hot rod appearance.

The 3900 Sport cleaner has the same hose (G-5) parts as its predecessors, but mostly different head unit parts. Many internal parts are modules, which makes troubleshooting or repairs simpler.

Polaris 3900 parts are simple to replace, and with fewer parts than previous models, it should be simpler to maintain as well.


Tires Wheels Wheel Sprocket
Chain Gearbox Water Mgmt System
Top Housing Rear Housing In-Line Strainer


- Rob