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Top 10 Hayward Pool Filter Repair Parts

Most Common Hayward Pool Filter Parts
by Rob Cox October 11, 2013

Most Common Hayward Pool Filter Parts



Are you wondering what the most purchased parts are for Hayward pool filters? I was, so I asked Jon Ruhe, our parts guru, as he is known, to delve into the sales data for the last few years, and tell us what are the 10 most common parts for Hayward filters, excluding o-rings and the less glamourous filter parts.

Hayward is the most common pool filter used on North and South American pools. Knowing which parts are used most could give some insight into which Hayward parts are more susceptible to damage, and may require more gentle use, or help you determine where to start looking for a problem on your Hayward pool filter. It could even indicate a particular problem with a filter or with how it's being used, or abused.

Without further ado, let's get going. "...The Envelope Please!"


1. SX244DA Folding Lateral Assembly with Center Pipe

2. SX180DA Folding Lateral Assembly with Center Pipe

3. SX164DA Folding Lateral Assembly with Center Pipe

Folding Lateral Assembly with Center Pipe by Hayward


The first picture I have to share is one that takes care of the first 3 of our top selling Hayward Filter Parts. It's called the Folding Umbrella Lateral Assembly.

It's a very unique design to Hayward, and quite ingenious. The ends of the laterals are not screwed into the hub as they are in most other filters, instead a ball and socket design holds the lateral, they literally snap in place.

But the real beauty of the design is that when folded, you can easily slip the lateral assembly in and out of the filter tank, for installation, or during sand changes.

With other filter lateral assemblies, you have to unscrew each lateral out before you can pull out the standpipe.


4. DEX2400C Collector Manifold with Flex Air Relief

Another Hayward Innovation, the Collector Manifold is used on Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) filters. The DE grids push into the holes in the bottom of the manifold, lining up the cut out in the grid with the tabs on the sides of the hole.

Just like an automotive manifold, which forces exhaust to exit the engine through precisely bored pipes, the Hayward Collector Manifold is designed to direct the water flow out of the filter tank.

The Flex Air Relief by Hayward, is the tall tube sticking up. It actually resembles a Flex-Tube from the Hayward Perflex DE filters. The purpose is to allow air in the tank to be pushed into the manifold and drawn out of the filter tank.



5. SX200BT S200 Filter Tank Head or Top

Yet another Hayward exclusive, the famous S200 filter tank head. Not the most user friendly sand filter head, or tank half. It requires the user to remove roughly two dozen bolts from around the edge, to remove the lid. A clamp band would have been easier? But not safer.

The trade off to removing all of those bolts is - once you have the lid off the filter tank, you have the entire sand bed visible to you. It can make sand changes go much more quickly, although you can change the sand from the top port, without removing the tank lid.

Could there be a problem with this design? Is the lid cracking, or the top threads are breaking?



6. ECX11194AT EC-65 Perflex Filter Head, Top

The Perflex DE filter is again, another very unique filter design. It's the only DE pool filter of its type, with it's unique DE grid design.

Instead of using the large flat surfaces of a DE filter grid to adhere the DE powder to, the Perflex filter uses Flex Tubes, aka 'fingers'. These are fabric covered tubes that hang vertically.

The Perflex filter uses this top shown here, along with numerous bolts to remove, these even more vexing than the S200 above, because they're smaller, and have tiny nuts and washers - arrgh.

These lids are often damaged by freeze, or they can fall victim to a tree branch falling. However, the most common failure is the triangular attachment points for the bump handle. If you bump the Perflex filter too vigorously, you may snap the lid at the handle pivot point.


7. SX180K Base for SX166R Filter and Pump

This weird looking contraption is a filter base with space on the side to mount the filter pump.

Keeps the pump and filter up out of the dirt and is designed to distribute the weight so that the pump and filter stay upright and level.

These are often damaged by moving them for the winter, and they get knocked around a lot when they're stored in the garage. I've heard all sorts of stories; 'backed the car into it', 'kid used it as a skateboard ramp', 'my brother in law stepped on it'.




8. DEX2421JKIT Clamp and Spring Assembly Kit

This clamp is used on the Pro-Grid DE and Swim Clear filters to hold the two tank halves together.

Hayward has been a leader in design changes in clamp bands. They have continued to improve the design in both function and safety.

This new style clamp band is a direct replacement for older clamp bands, but may not work with older lids like the Micro Clear or Super Star Clear filters. In order to accomodate the larger and more heavy duty clamp band, a redesigned filter top was necessary.

This angered a lot of Hayward customers, who had to buy both a new lid and a new clamp ($) when the clamp or bolt assembly failed. However, lives are taken every year by unsafe filter clamp bands, so I applaud their approach.


9. DEX6000DC Filter Element Cluster

For the Pro-Grid D.E. pool filter, the element cluster is known as the grid assembly on other filter brands.

The manifold is very rounded on the Hayward DE filter, I suppose that reduces resistance somewhat. Other than that, the spiral grid arrangement, pioneered by American Products and Purex, have been well adopted by Hayward.

People may buy the entire element cluster when they need new grids. It's a much easier job, to pull one piece out of the box and drop it into the filter.

Others may need a new complete filter assembly for other reasons. Cousin Joe, when moving into his new home, found this odd item in his shed, so he threw it out, thinking it was some trash left by the former owners. When I showed up to open the pool - oops!


10. ECX1040 Noryl Bump Handle

The Hayward Perflex pool filter is, as mentioned earlier, a very unique DE pool filter. It is termed a regenerative filter, because you can 'bump' the filter, which loosens the DE powder from the tubes, or fingers, and mixes it up with the dirt. When the pump turns back on, the fingers are recoated with DE. Bumping prevents layers of dirt from building up on the Flex Tubes, which reduces flow rate.

Instead of backwashing a Perflex filter, you bump it every few weeks. After a few months, it needs to be drained and recharged with new DE powder.

So, the Bump Handle, this is what shakes the DE powder off the fingers, or flex tubes. If you bump and grind too much however, the handle will snap. It's not always from too much bumping, but in some cases, the internal plates stick together and what gives? The handle.



- Rob