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Top Ten Hayward Pool Cleaner Parts

Most Common Polaris Pool Cleaner Parts
by Rob Cox October 29, 2013

Most Common Hayward Pool Cleaner Parts


In business for over 80 years, Hayward is a major player in all things pool. In the 1980's Hayward purchased the Arneson pool cleaner technology and began creating their own automatic pool cleaners, the Pool Vac and later the Navigator. Other suction cleaners followed during the 90's.

In 2007, Hayward got into the growing robotic pool cleaner business with the purchase of the AquaVac company, and began producing the Hayward Tiger Shark, and then the Shark Vac.

Now, all they needed was a pressure cleaner, to go against Polaris and Letro brands. Engineers went to work and created the Hayward Phantom and Viper pool cleaners. There have been some problems with these cleaners, and currently Hayward is phasing out these two models.

Here's the List - the most common Hayward pool cleaner parts - parts for the Navigator, Tiger Shark and Phantom pool cleaners by Hayward.


Tiger Shark Filter Cartridge Replacement Set - RCX70101

The Tiger Shark pool cleaner uses pleated filter cartridges to trap debris and filter the water moving through the robotic pool cleaner. This is a bit of departure from other robot pool cleaners, which use a filter bag to catch the debris.

Cleaning your filter cartridges regularly can help to extend their life. The best time to clean these cartridges is after the cleaner has run it's cycle. Acidic debris, chemicals and live bugs can damage the polyester material, if you allow the cleaner cartridges to sit dirty for very long.

Tiger Shark filter cartridges are subject to a similar replacement schedule as pool filter cartridges. Generally, replace Tiger Shark cartridges after 2-3 seasons, or if the fabric breaks away from the edges, or develops holes.


Tiger Shark Drive Belt - RCX23002

The drive belt, it's like a tank track, wrapping around 2 pulleys, one in the center top, and is attached to the end of each wheel tube. As the motor engages inside of the Tiger Shark, the drive pully pushes the belt forward, which spins the wheel tubes.

Drive belts suffer a lot of wear on rough pools, and when the tread is completely gone, the frame of the pool cleaner can begin to scrape on the body of the cleaner, or the bottom plate. Loose belts, due to loose pulleys or wheel tubes, can cause the Tiger Shark to spin and not move, or move on one side only and drag around the other side. 

Replace your Drive Belts if they have lost half of their tread depth. Like auto tires, it's best to buy a complete set - replace both Drive Tracks at the same time.


Tiger Shark Wheel Tube Bearing - RCX26005

The Wheel Tube bearing is inserted into the end of the wheel tubes to give a smooth rolling action to the pool cleaner. Inside of the bearing race are stainless steel ball bearings, and on the outside, the slotted surface of the bearing mates up with the tabs on the inside of the Drive Tracks. The smooth opposite end pushes into the wheel tube,

Wheel tube bearings can become damaged if the tracks come loose, or if the pool cleaner is dropped onto one of the wheel tubes. One sure sign that you need new wheel tube bearing is when you clean your Tiger Shark filters, and find a bunch of tiny ball bearings.

Unlike Drive Belts, there is usually no need to replace both wheel tube bearings at the same time. If you are replacing one Tiger Shark bearing however, inspect the other end for lots of play or movement around the bearing race.


Hayward Pod Shoes - Concrete (4 Pack) - AXV414P

Hayward Pod Shoes, seem to me to be more like feet than shoes, but they fit on the Pods of the PoolVac and Navigator pool cleaners. They are a wearable part, protecting the bottom of the cleaner, mounted on the "pods" of the cleaner, which are kind of like the legs of the cleaner, as it does it's funky chicken dance around the pool.

There are four different types of pod shoes for the Hayward pool cleaners, and the right one for you depends on your pool type. The Ceramic pod shoes, shown in our picture, are for tiled pools. The clear color pod shoes, for concrete pools, are the largest type sold. Cork pod shoes are sold for vinyl pools, and the fourth type is known as Santoprene, or slotted, which work on the Aquabug, Diver Dave and Wanda Whale models.

Replace all four pod shoes at the same time, they are sold in packs of four. They are easy to replace, with the use of a flat head screwdriver.


Phantom Large Capacity Debris Bag W/ Float - AX6000BA

A debris bag, to fit the Phantom pressure side pool cleaner, this cleaner part is in high demand. As it states, it's a high capacity debris bag, with a float, that keeps it upright, when mounted onto the Phantom cleaner.

The Viper, Hayward's other now obsolete pressure side pool cleaner uses a different bag, the AX5500FA, and they are not compatible. Slowly, parts may eventually dry up for these two pool cleaners as it seems that Hayward no longer supports these models.

Replace your Phantom debris bag when holes develop or if the attachment frame become cracked or split. Good water chemistry and careful cleaning can help extend the life of pool cleaner debris bags.


Tiger Shark Filter Cartridge Assembly with Carrier - RCX70100


The Filter Cartridge assembly, item RCX70100, is a set of the Tiger Shark filter cartridges and the carriage or holder. Replace the assembly if your carriage is damaged or broken, and you also need to replace the cartridges.

Tiger Shark carriage assemby also fits the Pinnacle cleaner and the TigerShark II robotic pool cleaner.The carriage also protects the Tiger Shark drive and pump motor, surrounding it on all sides.



Tiger Shark Wheel Roller Brush - RCX26008

The Tiger Shark wheel brush is a soft rubber brush that wraps around the wheel tube. The flexible wide bristles brush material into the path of the suction port, and scrubs the pool wall and floor.

There also is an optional type of wheel brush, used for tile, vinyl or fiberglass pools, made of a textured sponge material. This foam material wears very fast on most gunite or plaster pools.

Replacing your wheel roller brushes at the right time can be important to prevent damage to the wheel tube bearings or wheel tubes. Broken tabs can be resecured with a zip tie to stitch them back together. Much like the Drive Tracks, wheel tube brushes should be replaced when their tread life is reduced by half.

Maintain proper chemistry, and when not using your Tiger Shark, pull it out of the pool, and store the unit out of the sun, tipped on it's side. This can help extend the life of your wheel brushes and other soft parts on the Tiger Shark. 


Phantom Rigid Pressure Hose - Complete - AX600HAV

As you can see from the picture, this is a fairly large kit. It contains many different hose sections, including rigid and flexible sections, swivels, sweep hoses wall connector and pressure tester. This assembly works for both the Phantom and the Viper pool cleanerrs.

Pool cleaner hoses can dry out if they are exposed to high chlorine or low pH, or left out in the sun. You can buy individual hose sections, or sweep hoses, or for a total hose renovation, use this pressure hose kit for the Phantom and Viper pool cleaners.

When assembling the hose sections, it's advised to use a small dab of lubricant on the o-ring connections.


Hayward Pod Kit - AXV417WHP

Another popular part for the Hayward suction cleaners, the Navigator and Pool Vac are the Pods. The Pod Kit includes the pods, screws, bushings and washers, but does not include shoes, and you'll usually need a new pair of pod shoes to go along with new pods.

Replacing your pod shoes regularly can prevent the need to replace the pods. They can also break from dropping the cleaner, but the majority of replacement pod kits are needed because the cleaner rubbed along the pool bottom, with worn out pod shoes.

Pods are manufactured either left or right, and only install in one orientation. When replacing pods, screw them down tightly until they are flush with cleaner, then install new pod shoes. 


Hayward Phantom Manifold Assembly W/ Hoses & Ties - AX6000MA

Looking like an alien life support system, the manifold is the water engine of both the Phantom and hte Viper pool cleaners.

This part does not include the gear box, floats or any parts external to the cleaner. This is the water management system for the Phantom, hoses and clips shown are included for connection.

If you need this part, your cleaner is probably not workiing, or is losing so much pressure that it's barely moving.



Well, I hope you enjoyed this deeper dive into Hayward pool cleaner parts. Take care of your pool cleaner!

- Rob