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Above Ground Pool Safety Fencing

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by Mark Garcia November 12, 2013

Aboveground Swimming Pool Fencing

above ground pool fences

You know what they say about fences, that they make good neighbors. In the case of pool fencing, they also make safe neighbors.

Some people say that aboveground pools are safer, because of their height above the ground. This may be true to a degree, but your community, city and state may still require a fence around your above ground pool, and to be a responsible pool owner, all pools should be surrounded by a barrier that meets current code.


If an accident were to happen in an unfenced pool, there is little protection under law for the pool owner, who could be found negligent. Let's look at some options for above ground pool fencing - to improve your level of pool safety, and/or comply with local laws.

Aboveground pool Connected to Back Patio

This is a very popular way to enjoy an aboveground pool while also keeping it safe. Building an entire surround pool deck allows you to easily attach a fence to the edge of the deck. In cases where the pool deck connects with the back patio, which connects to the back of the house, a secondary interior fence is a good idea. This can be a removable pool fence, which is easy to install in wood pool decks, or it can be made of wood, with a self closing gate.

aboveground pool deck connected to house, using wood fencing

aboveground pool deck connected to house, using removable fencing

Freestanding Aboveground Pool

When the cost of a complete surround above ground pool deck approaches the cost of the pool itself, many new pool owners opt to skip an integrated deck and fence, and instead purchase a locking A-frame ladder or entry system. In most areas that have a 48" pool height requirement, the height of the pool wall is sufficient barrier to the pool - provided that a locking type ladder is used. In more and more areas however, 5 ft, or even 6 ft tall fences are being required.

To add extra safety to your aboveground pool, and meet local fence requirements, we have two heights (24" and 36") and two colors (white and taupe) of vinyl pool fence. PVC fence panels are ultra durable and easy to install with just a drill and a measuring tape. Each 65" fence panel mounts securely to the upright posts of your pool wall, and connects to the panels on either side. Adapters are available to interface with a partial pool deck, or an A-frame locking pool ladder.

Intex Style Pools

You may have given much thought to the safety of a 'pop-up' pool, the type of temporary pools that are 24-36 inches deep. Some rural communities will allow these pool types to be installed without proper fencing, but in most cases, you are required to have it surrounded by a proper pool fence. The new trend, in response to many fatal and near fatal incidents in these temporary pools, is to now classify anything deeper than 18" and larger than 8 ft. in diameter, as a swimming pool. Search your local government website for pool fence information, or check with building and zoning officials on the laws in your area regarding Intex pools, like Frame set or Wet Set style pools.

The fact is, these pools are hard to make safe. The ladders are not locking type ladders, and support very little weight. The sides are flexible, and easy for a strong toddler to push in. To make an Intex style pool safer, follow these tips. Intex Pool

  1. Remove the ladder to another location when done swimming.
  2. Cover the pool with the fitted cover made for your pool size.
  3. Keep the area around the pool clear, with nothing to climb onto.
  4. The Pool Patrol pool alarm will work with these pools.
  5. Use Door alarms on doors leading to the backyard.
  6. Inspect fence and keep fence gates locked.


Thanks for Reading!
Mark Garcia