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Best Gifts for a Pool Owner or Swimmer

Holiday Pool Gifts
by Rob Cox November 26, 2013

Gifts for Swimming Pool People

Gifts for swimmers and pool ownersThey say that some people are hard to buy for. What do you get the person who has everything? Well, if that person truly has everything, they must have a swimming pool. And if they have a swimming pool, this opens a wide new category for you to select gifts from. Do you see where I'm going with this? 

Let me give you a few categories of swimming pool items that would make great gifts. Some of these are best suited for younger pool users, boys and girls, while others are items of convenience and relaxation, for the hard working pool owner to enjoy their pool more.



Our recently expanded floats and lounges is actually four sub-categories - Deluxe Pool Lounges, Foam Pool Floats, Spring Floats and Floating Lounges. Over 40 pool floats to choose from, there's a float for everyone, from kids to big boys. Everyone likes a pool float as a gift. For a less expensive floating option, see our Inflatables section, with over 100 items displayed. Riders, Rockers, Rings - even stand-up paddle boards.


Sometimes, all we need to get motivated to workout is some cool workout gear. We have two types of stationary swimmer belts, which keep you attached, as you swim in place (no more flip turns!), or we have the full line of AquaJogger pool fitness gear. Kickboards or the Swim Trainer can help keep arms afloat while working on kicks. Goggles, masks and fins are also available, here.


Most pool toys are bought for, and used by - people of a certain age. However, our pool sports section, with games like Pool Volleyball or Basketball, are a hit with older folks too! Also popular with the older set is the Floating Pool Golf. 3 types of pool golf games to choose from. Jumbo beach balls are fun for all ages, aren't they? I think so.


These are sneaky little gifts that say "you should throw more pool parties (and invite me)!" Not really, some of the items in this category lend themselves to a fun adult pool party, but much of this stuff is great any old time, or are great conveniences, like the Poolside Storage Box, or the Grecian Floating Fountain. Fun to give, fun to get.


These gifts show that you care, with items like Pool Alarms and Door Alarms, or one of our many pool pet safety items. Or, you can always give the gift of signage. We have lots of signs, over 30 of them - serious and seriously funny pool signs.


Take a look at the many gift ideas for pool owners, and if you can't settle on the perfect present, you can always send them a gift certificate, which they are sure to use - unlike those gift cards that never seem to be spent. 


- Rob