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Gadgetizing your Swimming Pool
by Rob Cox December 11, 2013

Gadgetizing your Swimming Pool

Ten - oops, I mean 6 cool pool gadgets

Pool owners are just like everybody else - they like the cool stuff. Cool stuff is the topic of the day, here's some of the coolest tech gadgets for your swimming pool.

These aren't kid's toys, although we have a lot of pool toys for kids - these are toys for the adults in the house. Most of these you won't find at poolcenter. Search online if you are interested in finding more information, or buying one of these gadgets for yourself or friends.

If you have a favorite cool pool gadget that isn't on the list, leave a comment on the bottom of the page to add it to the list.

Solar Breeze Pool Skimmer

solar breeze pool skimmerThe Solar Breeze is a solar powered pool skimmer, roaming your pool surface in search of floating debris. Two paddle wheels motor the device around the pool, and sweep floating debris into the debris chamber. An additional screen inside the chamber filters fine dust and oils, down to 50 microns in size. The Solar Breeze also acts as a chlorinator, with a compartment large enough to hold two 3 inch chlorine tablets.

Great for pools with lots of debris or ineffective skimmers, the Solar Breeze Pool Skimmer sells for $499. 

Remote Controlled Pool Skimmer

Jet Net remote control pool skimmerAnother item for the pool that gets inundated with leaves, too many for your skimmer to handle. Instead of breaking out the skimmer net, place the Jet Net in the pool, and use the remote control to direct it to the area of the pool that needs cleaning.

Full size leaf rake snaps in place and is easy to remove and replace. The Jet Net operates on a rechargeable NiMH battery, which gives about an hour of cleaning time. Super combination pool toy and pool tool, the Jet Net sells for $140.

Underwater Music

Lubell series 3300 underwater speakerUnderwater sound has been used for years by divers and researchers, and underwater music is used by synchronized swimmers and by competitive swim athletes. 

How about music underwater in your own pool? There are several floating speakers available, very cool gadgets, not too expensive, but with poor sound quality. There are models that mount into a light niche, sit on the floor, or float on the water. Prices for underwater audio vary, but are generally over $1000.

Badu Swim Jet

Badu over the wall swim jet This product allows you to swim in place in your pool, much like a swim spa. Secure the Badu Jetstream Over the Wall Treadmill to the edge of the pool, and have an electrician wire it up and you'll have over 5000 gallons per minute of adjustable water and air flow. 

Fits on nearly any pool, even some aboveground pools for swim training, or use the powerful jet to reach those painful spots in your shoulder and back. 4 hp pump motor suction is housed on the rear of the self contained unit, to reduce any entrapment danger. $4500.

Aqua Bike

The In Pool Exercise bike, constructed entirely of ABS, Nylon and Fiberglass, is another cool way to get more exercise out of your swimming pool. Just place the lightweight pool bike (36 lbs) in the pool, and start paddling.

The deeper the bike is, the more resistance there is for the rider. Change the angle of the paddle wheel blades for more resistance. Can also be used on land, and safely stored outdoors with no worry about corrosion. Get yours for $900. 

Floating Table

The Aqua Pub is a floating table that weighs just 85 lbs dry, and works on land as well. Two people float it into the water, and a cushion of foam and air keeps it floating. It's balanced too, so that just one or two can use it without it tipping.

Built in cooler and umbrella hole in the table center.Made of ABS plastic with nylon and stainless steel screws. The Aquapub is hard to find, but if you can locate one, they run around $1500.


That's my list of 6 cool pool gadgets. I had originally planned for 10 items, but in the interest of making a list of really unique items, and not rehashing the same old stuff, I cut it down to 6.

Have a happy holiday, and a Merry Christmas. I hope some cool new pool gadgets find their way to you this year.


- Rob