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Aladdin Go-Kits for Pool Equipment Repairs

Common Pool Equipment Repairs
by Rob Cox January 24, 2014

Pool Repairs Using Go-Kits

What is a Go-Kit? GO stands for "Gasket & O-ring", and is a pre-packaged kit containing all of the gaskets, o-rings and seals for a particular piece of pool equipment. Go-Kit-3, shown here, is for the Hayward Super Pump, and includes the shaft seal, diffuser gasket, and the pump lid and volute o-rings, and even contains a 1 oz. packet of Aladdin Magic Lube.

Go-Kits were introduced by Aladdin in the 70's, and have been a big hit with pool service guys and homeowners alike. It can save a little money over buying all of the individual gaskets and o-rings, and brings comfort in knowing that you have every gasket possibly needed.

Aladdin has been in business since 1950, making o-rings, gaskets, baskets, lubricants, pool filter cartridges, and dozens of other items. Their business is replacement pool parts - well made copies of OEM materials for pumps, filters, valves, chlorinators.

Aladdin makes Pool Pump Go Kits, Pool Valve Go-Kits, Chlorinator Go-Kits and Filter Go-Kits, which they call RO-Kits. Why RO-Kits? I suppose it's because FO-Kits just didn't sound quite right... :-)

Here's a series of images from the Aladdin Catalog - there are by my count, over 150 Aladdin Go-Kits available.