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Adding a Water Feature to your Inground Pool

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by Rob Cox
March 07, 2014

Inground Pool Water Features

Cipriano Pools - Mahwah, NJ

Water features really add something to a pool - a flair and ambiance that can transform a pool into a natural /tropical, sleek/modern, or peaceful/zen backyard oasis. The relaxing sound of falling water can drown out barking dogs and nearby traffic. And it's good for your water too, aerating or mixing with oxygen. Surface agitation helps keep the pool cleaner too, as floating leaves continual are moved by the water ripples.

Today's post focuses on the types of water features that are commonly added to pools, in a pictorial format. We'll talk a look at some beautiful examples of fine craftsmanship, in these Waterfalls, Cascades, Deck Jets and Fountains.




Deck Jets





- Rob