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Swimming Pool Valve Replacements

Replacing Swimming Pool Valves
Mark Garcia March 11, 2014

Replacing Swimming Pool Valves

pool plumbing diagramOn most inground swimming pools, there are two sets of valves, a suction manifold and a return manifold. The suction side is the valves that control skimmers, main drain, and possibly a pool cleaner line. The return manifold may have just one pipe that goes into the ground, or it may have a valve (or two) on the return side, to send water to a spa, fountain or water feature.

In our picture here, we have a pool plumbing diagram of a pool/spa combo, with two skimmers, a main drain and spa drain on the suction side (colored blue), and a pool return and spa return on the return side manifold (colored red).

The suction side utilizes three 3-way valves, and the return side is using two 3-way valves and two check valves. The grey boxes over two of the valves are valve actuators, or motorized valve turners, for use with controller systems.


5 Reasons for Re-Valving your suction and return side valves

  1. Valves are old ball valves and are hard to turn.
  2. Valves are even older gate valves that are leak air and water.
  3. Adding another suction line, or another return line to your system.
  4. Replacing all of the other pool equipment, and want to rearrange.
  5. Upgrading to Never Lube 3-way valves.

Replacing  2-way ball valves or gate valves with 3-way valves makes a much simpler design, and for simple pools, you may need only one 3-way valve, installed in front of the pump, to replace two old 2-way valves. 

5 Tips on Pool Valve Replacement

  1. Use primer and heavy duty PVC glue or ABS glue to make new plumbing connections.
  2. Keep a rag handy to wipe up any glue drips or runs.Jandy valves can accept either 1.5" or 2" pipe
  3. In very tight spaces, picture hanging wire can be used to cut PVC.
  4. Measure twice - and then add 1/2" before cutting pipe lengths
  5. Be careful not to glue the valve diverter shut when gluing pipe on the inside!*

* Jandy type valves can be installed with either 1.5" pipe, glued inside of the port, or 2" pipe, glued into a 2" coupling which is glued outside the port, as shown here in this image.


Thanks for Reading!

Mark Garcia