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New! AFD-3000 Pool Diagnostic Scanner

AFD-3000 Diagnostic Pool Scanner
by Rob Cox
March 31, 2014

AFD-3000 Diagnostic Pool Scanner

AFD-3000 pool diagnosis tool


Announcing the new best friend for pool technicians and for the pool owner who wants the latest gadgetry.

The AFD-3000 is a patented electronic diagnosis tool for swimming pool and spa systems. With the handheld, weather proof-shock proof control panel, you can quickly access real time status on chemical levels, flow dynamics, pressure differential and heater combustion.


The powerful chip inside the AFD-3000 controller has 10 gig of storage capacity and the fastest processing speed that allows quick computation and displays results in tables, graphs, pie or column charts. Measurement data is taken daily and stored automatically and continuously. Wifi uplink to your home PC or cloud storage creates back-up and restore capability. 

Download the free app to your Apple or Android smartphone, tablet or PC, to connect with your pool status - anywhere, anytime.



The AFD-3000 has full view of your pool status, by using sensors placed in the pipe. Data measurements are taken regularly, and the information is stored for future access.

Temperature: View real time temperature, average night/day temps, monthly temp graphs

Chemistry: The chemical sensor measures all chemical parameters every 1-8 hrs (adjustable). Checks pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Total Hardness and Total Dissolved Solids. Free, Total and Combined chlorine or bromine levels, Cyanuric Acid Levels, and Total Metals in the water. For public pools, the AFD-3000 continuously monitors Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) levels, and the presence of Bacteria in the water, with the optionally available sensor.

Pipes: Sensor 'A' monitors water leaks by logging very small changes in pipe pressure.

Filters: Sensor 'B' monitors your pool filter pressure differential, alerting you to the need to backwash. Monitors air percentage in filter, alerting you of air leaks into the system.

Heaters: Sensor 'C' monitors combustion and exhaust temperature. Pings each component of the safety circuit (thermostat, pressure switch, gas valve, pilot, etc) to find problems before they even exist.

Pumps: Sensor 'D' monitors RPM, flow rate and effluent pressure. Measures incoming voltage and stored capacitance.

Skimmers: Sensor 'E' measures vacuum differentials, alerting you to empty skimmer baskets or pump baskets. Monitors water level with filter air sensor (B).

Drains: Sensor 'F' monitors main drain flow and vacuum pressure. Shuts off the pump if the main drain is obstructed.

Cleaner: Sensor 'G' monitors the pressure of a suction or pressure cleaner to let you know when it's running, if it's stuck, or if the debris bag needs to be emptied. pool safety sensors

Safety: Sensor 'H' measures displacement of the water with small sensors placed on the ladder or pool lights. Sounds alarm when an item of 20 lbs or more falls within 20 feet of a sensor.


As you can see, the AFD-3000 is truly revolutionary. It is the first swimming pool diagnostic tool that gives the user a full view of chemistry and equipment, while adding several layers of safety protection for your pool.

Pre-Orders are now being accepted, with expected shipment date in fall of this year! Our pre-order customers will be the first to experience this new technology - don't wait - order today! 

Note: The AFD-3000 is not a real product - AFD stands for April Fool's Day - Hope you don't get fooled today!


- Rob