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Pool Toys I Wish They Had When I Was a Kid

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by Mark Garcia May 30, 2014

Cool & Hot ~ Modern Swimming Pool Toys

When I was a kid, our pool toys were pretty basic. In fact, I don't remember there being actual pool toys, maybe just small toy boats or sea animals.

We did have some fun inflatables, like an inflatable banana and an inflatable hot dog (really!), but nothing like what's available today.

Some of you may be old enough to remember the Polaris Nuclear Sub that was advertised in the back of comic books in the 60's and 70's. Over 7 ft long! Fires rockets and torpedos! Big enough for 2 kids! This would be the best pool toy of all time, if it wasn't made of cardboard.

Today's pool toys and inflatables always make me think 'Man, I wish we had these when I was a kid!'

Inflatable Pool Toys

tumbling dice cube roller

Tumbling Dice

Measuring 49" square, the tumbling die could be used for pool side gaming, but the best part is that you can get inside of it and roll around, or climb on top and try to keep it level without falling over. Great for a casino night props, and can double as a play fort, inside or outside.


star fighter

Star Fighter Squirter

This would have been perfect in the early Star Wars days. Whoever thought of putting a squirt gun on a pool float is simply a genius! Especially when the pool float is shaped like a Star Fighter! Measures 49" front to rear, and the squirt gun, with a feed hose that dips into the pool, never runs out of water! Buy two for galactic battles in the pool!


oasis islandOasis Island

Great for boys and girls who want to relax in style, marooned on their own desert island! Inflatable coconut palm trees provide shade and a bit of whimsy. Swim up through the center hole, or fall through the 'volcano' hole, to the center of the earth. Jumbo 73" wide pool float is big enough for several kids.


shock rockerShock Rocker

The shock rocker seats four for a rollicking good time! Designed after water park thrill rides, this pool float has heavy duty handles and a center foot hole. 2 or 4 people can start rocking the boat, and before long, momentum takes over, like a pendulum. Rock on!


aqua rollerAqua Roller

The first time I saw this pool float I fell in love with the idea. Hop in and roll yourself across the pool! Never mind the comparisons to a hamster wheel, your kids will tire themselves out, and fight for their turn on the aqua roller. Also works on the lawn, but could be popped by sharp sticks and rocks.

log flume jousting gameLog Flume Jousting Set

Whoa now, this would have been great fun with my big sister. We could settle our differences with a few rounds of this game! Includes two inflatable logs, and 2 inflatable boppers. See who gets knocked off their log first! Logs measure 60" long - fits kids or adults! Great for office team building exercise!

The Sphere

You've seen these before I'm sure. Popular on those wacky obstacle course games, and perfect as a private hideaway, a secret floating fort. Crawl in through the kid sized holes, (which keeps out pesky adults) and roll yourself around the pool. The Sphere has holes on both ends and measures 56 in. across.



Pool Toys & Games

inflatable water polo goalFun Goals

Water polo was a favorite game where I grew up. If we had these, we wouldn't have to turn the pool lounge chairs on their sides to use as our goals. Inflatable water polo goal has heavy duty grommets and 2 weight bags included. Also comes with inflatable ball. Measures 55in x 35in.

splash blaster pool toySplash Blaster

Two pool toys in one! The Splash Blaster comes with 3 ping pong type balls, similar to a burp gun (we did have those), but when you run out of ammo, the Splash Blaster also shoots water - up to 30 feet! Piston pump action is easy to learn and easy to use. Give this to your kid and you might need to be careful walking around the pool!

flying pool diskFlying Disk

Like a Frisbee, only it's made of a soft, chemical resistant foam. Skip it across the water, or toss it back and forth across the pool. Also great for any open area, but might not be house friendly. Flying disk has a 9-1/4 in diameter. I do remember some foam disks perhaps that could be used in the pool, but nothing made specifically as a pool toy!

dive and glide sharkDive & Glide Shark

We had a toy scuba diver, he had tablets to make him bubble - but he couldn't glide at all. He mostly just sank to the bottom. Toy shark glides up to 20' in a straight line, or curved if you flick the wrist. Made from heavy rubber, so it can handle being left at the bottom of the pool for days, or run over repeatedly by the pool cleaner.

noodle heads

Noodle Heads

One of the best things about pool noodles, the ones with the holes in them, is that you can fill them with water, blow on one end, and shoot a strong spray of water out the other end! Noodle heads puts an end to all that huffing and puffing. Fits on any noodle with the hole, (noodle not included). Just squeeze to shoot water up to 10 feet!

skwim diskSkwim Disk

Not heard of Skwim? It's the newest water sports craze, and a growing international sport, where two teams pass (at high speeds) this hydroplaning foam disk, in an attempt to skip, toss or glide the Skwim onto the opponents goal. Lightweight design enables the Skwim disk to glide over 100 feet across water surfaces.

Well, that's about all I have for today. Check out our full line of pool toys and games. There are so many cool new toys available nowadays, kids are lucky.