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How to Patch a Safety Pool Cover

How NOT to Patch a Safety Pool Cover
by Mark Garcia October 11, 2014

There is a right way to do something, and a wrong way to do it. That's true of most things, including patching a pool safety cover!

Just the other day, I was out in my backyard - closing my pool. I knew that I had some patching to do to the cover, so this fall I prepared by ordering some pool cover patches, from poolcenter.com, of course.

Opening up the cover, we found that nesting rodents had chewed through about 10 panels - arrrgghh!


Patching a Mesh Safety Pool Cover

I used the Loop-Loc safety cover patch, following the instructions to the letter.

1. Clean and dry affected area of cover. If possible use a heat gun to dry. (Looks clean to me - we skipped this step!).

2. Remove backing from self adhesive patch. (Easier said than done!)

3. Press firmly onto area (Yup!) For double strength, apply to top and bottom of cover (Nope, just did the top side!).


But, what these instructions are lacking, are some real world tips. I've made the mistakes for you - in advance, so read on to know how to patch a pool cover.

Peel off the Backing:

I mentioned this was easier said than done before, so here's a tip. Find the corner of the patch where they have nicely perforated the paper backing. Bend the patch back and use your fingernail to separate and remove the larger piece of paper backing from the self-adhesive side of the patch.




Cut the Patch to Fit: 

The Loop-Loc cover patches are 3" x 8", and you can certainly use them as they come, or you can trim the patches to cover smaller holes.

If you do cut the patch in half, you'll want to use scissors to round the corners on the cut edges. Rounded corners have a smaller chance of peeling up later, and won't get caught or snagged as easily as a square corner.

Trim the patches before you peel off the backing.


Smooth out the Patch:

You can't do this when the cover is in place, you want a hard, clean and dry surface underneath. In the picture, I'm using the handle of the scissors to smooth out any air bubbles, and press the patch into the material. Pay particular attention to the edges, making sure they are flat and smooth. Lay the cover flat (no wrinkles), before you stick on the patch.


Don't Patch over a Seam: 

This makes sense, because if you patch over a seam, it won't stick. Instead, just cut the patch in half, and place each patch half on either side of the seam.

Don't Drag Your Patched Cover Thru The Water:

The patch isn't fully set-up, or the bond of the glue to the cover is not complete for several hours, and will improve over time. After patching your cover, install it carefully to avoid getting the patches wet while installing the cover. Once the cover is installed, press down on the patches (that you can reach from the edge) again to make sure they are set. If the patch did get wet, dry off quickly with a towel.

Loop-Loc pool cover patches - made by 3M


Thanks for Reading!
Mark Garcia