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5 ways to Protect a Spa Cover

5 ways to Protect a Spa Cover
by Rob Cox October 27, 2014

Protecting Hot Tub & Spa Covers

Autumn breezes are blowing strong across the fruited plain, and as the pools are being put to bed, the spas and hot tubs are heating up!

This is spa and hot tub season, from now through the first of the year is when spa owners use their spa the most. It's also when you start to notice that the spa cover leaks steam here and there, or the spa is not as normal.

Here's some unique products to increase your spa cover efficiency, or if you are in need of a new spa cover, we have those too!


1. Protecta Spa Cover 

Your spa and the spa cabinet can fade, crack, and stain due to the damaging effects of weather and changing seasons. Rain, snow, ice, sun, dirt, and debris all contribute to the aging of your spa exterior and make it look decrepit.

The Protecta-Spa Cover protects your spa and the spa cabinet from the damaging effects of outdoor weather and helps prolong their life. Protecta-Spa Cover is made of super-tough triple-ply woven polyethylene, and prevents fading, tearing, staining, and cracking on your spa surfaces.


2. Spa Cover Cap

The Spa Cover Cap protects your thermal spa cover from damage and prolongs its life. This add-on cover for a spa cover virtually seals out rain, snow, dirt, and debris and keeps your spa cover in immaculate condition. It also helps seal up small leaks along the hinge of the spa cover, and around the edge.

Available in Silver, the Spa Cover Cap has a 12” overlap and can be stretched for a snug fit. Keeps your spa cover looking new and protects it from harsh sun and wet weather. Made of woven polyethylene. Comes in four sizes. All in reflective silver color.


3. Spa Cover Cleaner

Protect your spa cover from the elements like sun, rain, dirt and debris. Protecting your spa cover from these elements is very important since the spa cover protects your spa and acts as a shield between your spa and these harmful elements.

Our Spa Cover Cleaner helps protect your spa from the sun, weather and dirt and keeps it looking like new. Our specially formulated liquid cleaner is easy to apply and is highly effective at removing tough stains, dirt, oil and other debris from your Spa or hot tub cover.

Spa Cover Cleaner penetrates your spa cover's vinyl surface for deep cleaning, lasting protection and shine



4. Spa Cover Protector

You have covered your spa while it is not being used and consider it fully protected, but there are elements that can still damage your spa UNDERCOVER. When the spa is not in use for an extended period of time, ozone gas starts to collect underneath the cover and begins to damage it on the underside.

Horizon Ventures Spa Cover Protector is a lightweight thermal blanket that floats between your spa cover and the water acting as a barricade and protecting your cover from the damaging effects of harsh ozone.The Spa Cover Protector also shields your spa cover from the chemicals in your spa water, as well as reducing water evaporation to limit the loss of heat and chemicals.

The Spa Cover Protector is made from a closed cell insulating foam, bonded to an impervious layer of an advanced polymer material. This unique composition resists the absorption of moisture and chemicals.


5. Spa Cover Saver

Save your spa cover from chemical damage and prolong its life with the Spa Cover Saver that is designed especially for protecting your expensive spa cover.

The Spa Cover Saver floats on the surface of your spa water and helps to reduce water loss via evaporation thus conserving heat and chemicals in your spa. Made from closed cell insulating foam with a layer of advanced polymer, it is resistant to chemical and moisture absorption which aids in keeping your spa cover safe from damage and extending its life. The Spa Cover can be removed, rolled and stored easily, and can be trimmed to fit spa covers of any shape and size.



This winter, help your spa cover be the best it can be by shielding it from moisture, on both sides - top and bottom. Take some simple steps and it will be years before you'll be ordering a new spa cover for your hot tub! 


- Rob