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10 Cool Hidden Pools

Hidden pools
by Rob Cox February 17, 2015

Hidden pools - another pool design craze, catching on in some areas of the world. Pools can have sliding or folding covers, or with the use of a folding mechanical scaffolding, the floor of the pool can be raised above the water level, or sunk beneath the water. The moveable floor design can create a shallow splash pool, or a plunge pool up to 6' in depth

Advantages of the hidden pool design are obvious:

  • Keeps the pool clean and shaded.
  • Saves on water evaporation and heating costs
  • Forms a very safe layer of protection over the pool
  • Allows for multi-purpose use of your backyard (or indoor spaces).

Here's a gallery of hidden pools animated gifs, short videos and before/after photos to give you an idea of how hidden pools are created.

1. This DIY hidden pool was constructed by Gil Kar of Israel. The synthetic grass surface is pulled underneath the adjacent deck / carport.


2. One of Agor Creative Engineering (Israel) moveable floor designs, makes use of synthetic wood planks.


3. Another one of Agor's moveable floors, which lowers more than it shows in the gif animation.


4. Small floor holds two lounge chairs, submerge yourself as deep as you want it. This video shows the hydraulic lift structure beneath the floor at 1:55.


5. Agor engineers also offer folding floors and sliding floors in addition to sinking floors.


6. Classic hidden pool design by Invisipools of Peoria, Az. This pool goes to 48" deep.


7. Hydrofloors moveable floors turns this pool into an elegant ballroom, or roller rink!


8. Another Hydrofloors creation, with moveable stone tiles on a mechanical floor that lowers to the desired height.


9. A very fun hidden pool design by Invisipool, with built in table that can be used with or without water!


10. Another Indoor Masterpiece by Hydrofloors, keeping a basement pool from smelling like a pool, and adding a strong safety layer to protect kids and pets.


- Rob