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Adding Pool Mosaics to a Plaster Pool

adding pool mosaics to your pool
by Rob Cox April 9, 2015

Swimming Pool Mosaics

Arttistry in Mosaics http://artistryinmosaics.com/It's easy to add some whimsy to your inground plaster pool, using pool mosaic designs! Made from frost-free ceramic tile, porcelain tile or from glass tiles.

Installation of pool mosaics is best done when the pool is being replastered, to set the design into the floor or wall of the pool, with plaster feathered up to the edges, but they can also be added without replastering the entire pool.

To install pool mosaics, the surface is cleaned and acid etched, and a thinset mortar used to adhere the design to the floor, step or wall. Then a plaster mix is grouted in between tile pieces and around the outer edges, or the new plaster coat is smoothed right up to the edge.

Cost of pool mosaics varies, depending on what you do, small fish are as low as $15 each, but large designs cost much more. Mosaics can add a few hundred, or a few thousand dollars to a re-plaster cost.

To explore swimming pool mosaics more deeply, I've categorized them into style groups, and within each group there are hundreds of pre-made designs to choose from. Order online, or order through your pool plastering company.


Just adding some trim tile to the horizontal edge of the steps (or vertical!) adds eye catching color in dozens of patterns. Trim tiles doesn't have to match perimeter tile anymore, and you can add accent tiles to steps or walls, small decorative fish, animals, coral or flowers.



There are dozens of sea life creatures, from tropical fish to whales, turtles, rays and even mermaids. Coral and reef seagrass scenes are popular, as are friendly dolphins and menacing sharks.



If the ocean life is not for you, there are lots of other aquatic creatures that will be right at home in your pool.


Want to create an old world, Mediterranean look to your inground pool? Scrolls are borders, or edge details placed into a pattern on the floor. Medallions are large focal pieces, used in the center of the pool floor, or in line with the scroll design. Scroll designs are commonly sold in Baroque or Tribal patterns and are linked together with straight lines and accent pieces.



Anything you want! Company logos or sport team mosaics, even photos can be permanently printed on pool tiles.


Fun Stuff! I'm planning to add some of these myself this year - I will report back with pictures! In the meantime, if you want to look at more beautiful pictures, visit our Pinterest board of cool pool mosaics, or visit these suppliers below ~ 

Artistry in Mosaics

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- Rob