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Rube Goldberg Pool Filter System

World's Largest Swim Lesson
by Mark Garcia June 15, 2015

We give a lot of technical support here at Poolcenter.com, in our online forum PoolTalk, or you can post tech support questions in our Pool Community, and one came in recently that we took a few minutes to digest.

A Lot of times when we ask for pictures we don't get a reply, it's a bit of a hassle for most people. But in this case, Rob got back some interesting photos!

He sent it over to me to look at ...Let me see here...after staring at this awhile - I wasn't quite sure what to tell this poor fellow trying to help out his Mother in Law. I see a sand filter and a gas heater, maybe also a solar heater, and an in floor cleaner? Then I took a look at the other photo.

So, his question was how to backwash the filter - and from these pictures I had to admit that I was stumped on how to help out - I replied to his question with more questions, and that's when he told me that he found out that these were Mark Urban valves - from an earlier time. Ah, yes of course - I had seen advertisements for these a long time ago, but had never seen them in action.

I'm not sure what's become of this Rube Goldberg filter system - when I left off with this story, he was off scouring the internet for Mark Urban parts. If you have any to sell, I'll put you in touch with this customer who is trying to rebuild a Mark Urban, and backwash his Mother in Law's filter.


Thanks for Reading!
Mark Garcia