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Swimming Pool Lifestyle: NBA Players

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Rob Cox August 11, 2015

Celebrity swimming pools have always been great blog fodder, everyone likes to see the beautiful homes of the rich and famous - and briefly escape with champagne dreams and caviar wishes.

Which celebrities have the most over the top pools? Not rock stars, movie stars or even Olympic swimmers, but professional athletes take home the trophy for the most glamorous celebrity pools.

And among professional athletes, there is one sport that really loves swimming pools - NBA players.

Photos by Realtor.com, and MLS


David Robinson - formerly with San Antonio Spurs


Chris Bosh - Miami Heat


LeBron James - Miami Heat / Cavaliers


Shaq - Former player with several teams


Gilbert Arenas - Washington Wizards


Dwight Howard - Houston Rockets


Kobe Bryant - Los Angeles Lakers


Pat Riley, Coach - Miami Heat

Well, one can dream, can't they? It's nice to see how professional athletes enjoy swimming pools - refreshing even! I wonder if they play water basketball in their pool?


- Rob