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Top Pool Closing Supplies for 2019

Top Pool Closing Supplies for 2019

by Rob Cox, August 22, 2019

Top Pool Closing Supplies for 2019

Pool closing season is almost upon us, and it’s time to start stocking up on supplies! Winterizing a pool is challenging enough, and it becomes a lot easier when you have the right chemicals, tools, equipment and accessories. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the most popular pool closing supplies and products.

winter pool chemical kitWinter Closing Chemical Kits

Why pay someone to close your pool when you can do it yourself? PoolCenter.com offers several winterizing kits to suit any need. From basic to ultimate, these pre-measured chlorine-free chemical kits will put your pool in top shape for winter closing. Some kits even include the popular WinterPill, by AquaPill. Sales started picking up on winter kits last week, be like our early-bird customers and get your closing chemicals ordered now!

Bungee Plug

bungee plug for inground poolsSave time and water with this unique winterizing plug. Just replace the eyeball return fittings with the Bungee-Plug, and you’re all set! Your pool plumbing is safely winterized without having to drain any water from the pool. Other popular plugs include the Hayward SP1022C, threaded 1.5" plug for skimmers and wall returns. We also have the rubber expansion plugs too, to fit 3/4" to 2.0" pipes.

pool skimmer plugSkimmer Plug

Speaking of water conservation, another great way to avoid draining the pool for winter is to use a Skimmer Plug. Installation is a breeze, and no tools are required. Just snap it into your existing skimmer faceplate, and the skimmer is sealed for the winter! Skimmer Plugs are perfect for any pool, both inground and above ground. Better than Aquador, because you don't have to change the faceplate.

Blowout Skimmer Guard

pool blowout skimmer guardAnother great way to protect your skimmer from freezing damage is to insert a skimmer guard or gizzmo, which absorbs the force of the expanding ice and prevents your skimmer from cracking. With a Blowout Skimmer Guard, you can use the pipe to connect your Cyclone Blower. Using this method, you won’t have to lower the pool water level or add antifreeze to the lines, saving you both time and money when compared to other skimmer guards.

safety pool cover mateSafety Cover Mate

The main downside of using mesh safety covers is that they let fine silt and debris through. They also allow some sunlight into the pool, meaning more winter algae growth and increased chemical use during pool opening. With the Safety Cover Mate, those downsides disappear. Cuts down pool opening time from weeks to just days, and reduce the need for extra filtering and chemicals in the spring.

Aqua Bloks

aqua bloks winter cover weights

If you’ve ever used a winter cover, you know how important it is to weigh down the edges for closing. The most popular method is to use water tubes. However, these thin tubes tear and puncture easily, and most users are lucky if they get a couple seasons out of a set of tubes. That’s not the case with Aqua Bloks. These rugged, leak-proof tubs are built to last, promised to not crack or leak in freezing temperatures, and the UV resistant material will hold up for years and years of use.

Cover Pumps

submersible pool cover pumpUnless you’re using a mesh safety cover this winter, chances are pretty good you’ll be needing a cover pump to remove excess water from the cover. There are many sizes and shapes to choose from, with varying flow rates and price points. On the upper end of the scale, there’s the Little Giant automatic cover pump, boasting a 1700 GPH flow rate, perfect for covers on large inground pools. If you have an above ground pool or a smaller inground pool, you may want to opt for something a little smaller, such as this 500 GPH pump from Swimline. 

Patio Furniture Covers

patio furniture coversIt’s easy to stay focused on the swimming pool while going through your winterizing routine. But what are you doing to protect your patio furniture from winter weather? These patio furniture covers, made of heavy-duty Rain-Tite fabric, will keep your chairs, lounges, tables and umbrellas protected all winter long. Elastic hems ensure a snug fit, while cord loops can be secured around the furniture legs to keep them secure. No matter what Mother Nature throws your way, these furniture covers aren’t going anywhere!

PoolCenter.com also has a large selection of winter covers, safety covers and everything you need to keep your inground or above ground swimming pool in top shape through the off-season. Winter chemicals, hardware replacements, pool antifreeze, cover patches, air pillows and MORE pool winterization supplies, are just a click away!




- Rob


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