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Funny Swimming Pool Memes

Funny Swimming Pool Memes
Rob Cox December 15, 2015

Funny swimming pool cartoon by JMCBeing that I am always prowling the internet in search of funny swimming pool images, for our facebook and pinterest pages, I've been familiar with Swimming Pool Memes for some time now.

What is a Meme? A lot of people my age (50+) are not aware of memes, or even how to pronounce it. Meme is pronounced like "meem" (not me-me), and according to Wikipedia, it's "a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.".

There are thousands of memes, and they can be made by anybody (which is both good and bad, lol). Here's a look at some of my favorite memes with a swimming pool theme.


Someecards, are popular for all sorts of snarky quips and quotes. Make your own, by choosing the black/white line art, and a color background, then just add sarcasm or irony! Here's a few someecards about swimming pools. Ha!



No Pool - No Problem! There's no end to the imagination when it comes to cooling off in the summer. It seems that nearly any type of vessel will work, shipping containers, pick-up trucks, even trash cans!


Pool Fails: Fails are popular videos of people falling in pools, or otherwise "failing" around a pool. Here's a few funny takes on "Pool Fails", within a particular category of "You're doing it Wrong".




Derp at the Pool: Derp is his own category, created in what's called Rage Comic style, in which anyone can create short comic strips from a fixed set of a few dozen faces. Derp has quite a few adventures, many of them at the pool. Here's a few of my favorites.


My Irrational Childhood Fear: This one may resonate with many who saw the film Jaws in their younger years, like me!


That's it for today folks, hope you had a chuckle looking at some of these memes with swimming pool themes! You can make your own memes, at any of a number of meme-maker websites. Just choose an image and type in your own quip or quote, and hit publish!


- Rob