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New Pool Products for the Season

Inground DE pool filter - 4 different grid types
by Mark Garcia March 24, 2016

New Products for your pool

Now, although I don't normally use the blog to directly promote stuff ~ the product team has been working really hard lately; adding tons of new items and new product lines that I thought our readers might like to hear about.

Here we have many categories or lines of new pool products that I'm kinda excited about. There's much more than that, but only so many hours in the day to write and to read blog posts, so I've selected my favorites - the Top New Pool Products for 2016!

May I have the envelope please...



aqua cloud pool floatsThe Aqua Cloud pool float reminds me of the old Molly Brown pool float, which disappeared some time ago.

If you want luxurious comfort, this pool float will not disappoint! It's filled with EPS (expanded polystyrene) beads that give you the feel of laying in a bean bag chair.

EPS beads never absorb water, drains instantly and dries in minutes. Also makes a great lounge chair for the pool deck, or as a camping mattress.

Aqua Cloud is available full size (shown), or Aqua Cloud Mini.



Jimmy buffet Margaritaville pool raftYes, we've got the "Livin' for the Weekend, Jumpin' off the deep end" mattress shown here, made from NeoSoff fabric covered heavy duty PVC bladder. Super durable in the pool, river, or lake.

We have a dozen other Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville pool inflatables and accessories, including loungers, tubes and of course islands. And pool party supplies, like the floating cooler and floating beer pong game.

12 different Margaritaville pool items can inspire a fun themed pool party!




Star Wars pool productsYou can't escape the Star Wars merchandising empire, and we embrace it fully! The Force Awakens with a new line of Star Wars pool products that are sure to be a pool favorite.

We've got two new spring float loungers from Swimways with graphics featuring a Storm Trooper and Darth Vadar. Your kids will love diving for our Star Wars Dive Sticks.

Two new inflatable beach balls with Death Star graphics, one that lights up with internal LED lighting! 

6 different Star Wars pool items for your crew!



AudioBOMB waterproof bluetooth speakersStream music anywhere you like with these durable and waterproof AudioBOMB Bluetooth Speakers.

AudioBomb speakers are coated with soft silicone making them extremely durable, and they can be mounted almost anywhere with multiple attachment options (like suction cups!).

We have the Whaley floating bluetooth speaker, which can even play under water! The smaller Squish bluetooth speaker is also available and the Solar charger gives a fast recharge.

Sonic Boom outdoor speakers to keep you rockin'!



Pool Boy with RemotePool Boy solar blanket reels are motorized, for assisted unrolling of the solar blanket, and nearly hands-free cover removal.

The Pool Boy I has an adjustable height making it useful under diving boards for long pools. Pool Boy II has a fixed height and is also operated by a cord plugged into an outlet.

Pool Boy III is battery powered and holds a charge for 30 days and Pool Boy IV uses solar power to keep the charge. All include remote control, tether cord and fit pools up to 20' wide.

4 new Pool Boy Solar Reels to help around the pool.



Saftron PVC pool railsSaftron pool rails and ladders are made from PVC - not stainless steel. This has several advantages, in that it requires no electrical bonding (when used with PVC anchor sockets).

Saftron PVC rails remain cool to the touch, even in 100°+ temps, and will never corrode from galvanic corrosion in salt pools, or when used in salty seaside environments. 

Available in 5 colors, Saftron rails are available in a 3-step pool ladder, grab rails and stair rails.

6 new Saftron Pool Rails for new or old pools.



Cool Pool Tools by SupremeThese new pool tools by Supreme have got my attention, with unique design and features.

The Supreme Duo Brush has a 4 inch wide surface for brushing, containing over 20,000 bristles! It takes a little more effort to push across the pool, but it's much more effective. 

The Supreme Vacuum heads bring back some earlier technology like wishbone swivel steering, forward suction and adjustable flow baffles.

3 new Supreme Pool Tools to make cleaning more effective!




River and Lake inflatablesAn entire new category of River & Lake Recreation inflatables for your water activities outside of the pool.

In addition to the Relaxation Island shown here, we also have the River Run I and River Run II tubes for river rafting and the Sumo Jumbo ring for rafting or boating fun.

We have two 4-person round conversation rafts, and a new line of heavy duty, inflatable kayaks. More fun than you can shake a stick at!

Over a Dozen new River & Lake inflatables to enjoy!



~ For more new pool products, visit our website - there are literally hundreds more!


Thanks for Reading!
Mark Garcia