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by Mark Garcia, April 13, 2017

Earth Day reminds us every year that we should be thankful for our planet, and take steps to protect the soil, water and air that we depend on so much.

Swimming pools are thought by some people to be bad for the environment, they use chemicals, electric pumps and gas heaters, so how could they not be?

Modern pools however, can use natural chemicals, can stop water evaporation, and they don't have to waste electricity or heat the pool with fossil fuels - modern pool owners have choices! 

Today we highlight some 'Green' Pool Equipment and Chemicals that are certified Earth Day Friendly! As an added bonus - Poolcenter has special Earth Day pricing on all these items, April 17-April 22, save 10%.



Solar Pool Heaters  - are earth-friendly because they don't burn fossil fuels, and have zero emissions. If you have a sunny location to mount solar heaters, you can heat your pool for free! Solar pool heaters use only a renewable resource, the sun to heat your pool water. They only work when the sun is shining, or when the outside air temp is greater than the water temp, but during sunny days, a good sized solar pool heater can raise the water temp by 15-25° F. 

Pool Heat Pumps are earth-friendly because they are over 4x more efficient than gas heaters, and have no exhaust emissions. They operate with a small amount of electricity, about the same as running a 100W light bulb, and are much safer to be around than gas-fired pool heaters. Pool heat pumps are not as fast to heat, and they don't work below 50° F, but after 1-2 days of raising temperature, they can very affordably maintain warm water spring, summer and into the fall.


Salt Chlorine Generators - are earth-friendly because making your own chlorine reduces the factory production, transport and shipping of chlorine products. Every little bit helps, and when nearly a million pool owners use salt chlorine generators, they don't need to use tablets - except in the event of pump or filter problems, or salt system problems, or water temperatures below 60° F. And you won't need to use so much granular shock chlorine either, reducing demand, which reduces supply - it's basic Economics 101.

Nature 2 Mineral Purifiers- are earth-friendly in the same way, because they, like ozonators can reduce your chlorine usage by up to 50%, while producing water that sparkles and shines, with fewer issues with cloudy water and algae. Also used by over a million US pool owners, mineral sanitizers use trace amounts of silver and copper to do most of the heavy lifting in the sanitizing department. The Nature 2 Express mineral purifier is designed pools up to 25,000 gallons, and you'll be amazed at the difference in water quality.

Natural Chemistry - earth-friendly pool chemicals made with 100% natural ingredients. The company started out with their flagship pool enzyme chemicals, naturally voracious eaters of scum, oils and dirt, Pool Perfect and Pool First Aid. PhosFree, MetalFree, ScaleFree and StainFree came later, to provide natural chemicals to address phosphates, metals, scale and stains. Recently, Natural Chemistry acquired Vanson, makers of the popular SeaKlear line of natural pool clarifiers with chitin, derived from crab shells.


Variable Speed Pool Pumps - super earth-friendly VS pumps can use 1/8 as much electricity as a 2 HP standard pool pump. They run at lower speeds which draws fewer amps, resulting in much lower energy costs. They also come with an onboard timer and control center, and don't require a 4th wire, like two speed pumps. VS pump motors are completely different, cool running and quiet; permanent magnet motors are also more durable than regular motors. And, utility companies are offering big rebates on VS pumps when you install a variable speed pump.

In honor of Earth Day, we implore you to take advantage of our Earth Day sale on these 'Green' pool products mentioned above, sale runs April 17-22.

And on Earth Day this year, you can bring your pool into the 21st century with earth-friendly pool products that save energy, reduce air pollution and reduce reliance on industrial chemicals, and the transport and storage of them too. Which also makes your pool a safer place to be around.



Thanks for Reading!
Mark Garcia