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National Pool Opening Day is April 27

by Rob Cox, April 23, 2019

National Pool Opening Day masthead

National Pool Opening Day is Saturday, April 27 and to encourage national participation, our hard working team has put together fantastic offers on our top selling parts, equipment, accessories and supplies for pool openings.

The last Saturday in April has been
officially designated as a national U.S. holiday. National Pool Opening Day is a popular tradition with pool owners, posting their pool opening successes (and failures) with #PoolOpeningDay posted via all social media outlets.

What can you do to celebrate National Pool Opening Day? Open your pool of course! Or at least get out there and perform some spring clean-up, chemical and equipment checks, and get ready for your actual pool opening date.

If pool supply retailers had a cool map tool of regional pool supply purchases during spring season, it would probably look something like this animation from the Weather Channel. So far our spring has been cool, but May is predicted to be hot!

If you have a sunny pool, or a pool heater you can keep your pool open for many more months, enjoying the 'shoulder seasons' on either side of hotter summer months. So when is the right time to open the pool? Most folks I know want the pool to be open early to allow time for the water to clear for Memorial Day celebrations!

Giving yourself an extra week of pump, filter, heater and cleaner operation can be a real gift if there are unforeseen repairs that become necessary. Your pool equipment could throw you a curveball, and if down for too many days, it can take weeks for the water to normalize again.

When do people open their pools? A heat map, of sorts...

This winter of 2017-2018 is one for the record books, and was hard for pools. See my earlier post -
Southern Pools Freeze Over. We have heard from many customers this year about damage to covers, liners and pool walls. If you have any suspected problems from this winter, start early, as there will be a rush on certain repair items this spring!

Even though this winter was brutally cold, this summer is predicted to be HOT! Spring 2019 has been cooler than normal, but NOAA
predicts above normal temps in their current three-month outlook, see image below. Open early and get a start on summer!

NOAA temp map of US

If you don’t want to uncover the pool until the trees have finished blooming, you can start the pump and filter system (un-winterize), but leave the cover in place. Pull back the cover in a few areas to pull the plugs, so you can start filtering and treating the water. With the cover still on the pool, you can clear the water for an easier spring opening.

Opening earlier also allows you to 'fail faster', by becoming aware of system leaks or equipment problems earlier, while the water is still cool. Cold water can withstand 1-2 weeks of not being filtered and circulated, but once the pool water becomes warm, you are lucky to have 1-2 days to sort out pump, filter or plumbing problems, before the water begins to turn.

Join us April 27 for National Pool Opening Day! Poolcenter.com is celebrating all day Saturday, and in the days leading up to Pool Opening Day, with special National Pool Opening Day
offers! Don’t miss these great savings in this once a year event!

Post your pool opening pictures (before, during or after), on your favorite social channel, with the official National Pool Opening Day tag, #PoolOpeningDay.

Let’s get summer started! 


- Rob