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World's First Airplane with a Swimming Pool

Airbus A380 World's First Airplane with a Swimming Pool
Rob Cox, March 30, 2018

World's First Swimming Pool on a Plane - the Airbus A385

Airplane with a pool!

It has finally happened folks - a swimming pool on an airplane. Decades in the making, and once scoffed as an idea that 'would never fly', the airborne swimming pool has become a reality.

In addition to the 10 ft. x 30 ft. heated (indoor) pool, the triple decker heavily modified Airbus A385 airplane also boasts a full size fitness room with exercise equipment, separate kids and adult game rooms, and an incredibly green and natural park-like setting - all on the lower level. Airbus 380 also has a higher and longer range than any plane ever before, making it able to fly over 20,000 km, or nearly 24 hours, before refueling.

How does the pool stay level? The design of the swimming pool incorporates gyroscopic adjustments so that the water level stays horizontal, even as the plane banks into a turn. The entire pool is able to tilt in any direction, for ascent and descent of the plane as well. Designer Hans Dergil says that they are still trying to find a better way to manage turbulence in flight, "which can make the pool water a bit choppy" he said in a recent press release from the company.

The pool is reported to hold 25000 liters, or about 6700 gallons. That would make this 10x30 pool about 1 meter deep! The details released don't specify the type of pool filter used on this pool, but does mention that "the water is treated with a combination of a mineral purifier and a UV sanitation system, to be fresh as a mountain stream."

Isn't a pool too heavy for an airplane? The 10x30 stainless steel pool adds only another 1000 kilos to the payload, but that's empty! When full, this pool weighs over 50,000 lbs, or roughly the weight of 300 passengers, not including their carry-on bags. How can the Airbus A385 manage the thrust to get a swimming pool off the ground? In a word, horsepower; the A385 has over a million horses under the hood.

Three levels of sheer luxury await those who can afford the entrance fee for the pool with an airplane (or is it airplane with a pool?). Emirates was the first customer in line to purchase the swimming pool plane, and is operating a small fleet along routes that fly to the world's most exotic destinations.

But wait - there's more! For those that thought the brochure was speaking of a different type of pool, Emirates outfitted their luxury planes with a pool table as well. You can find it in the Billiards Room, of course.


And if you believe this, you must not be aware of our tradition of April Fool's Day blog posts!

You can't put a pool on an airplane! Or can you? This grand scheme was actually carried out last year on Emirates facebook page, and reprised here for you.




- Rob