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National Pool Closing Day 2018

National Pool Closing Day

National Pool Closing Day 2018

National Pool Closing DayNational Pool Closing Day for 2018 falls on Thursday, September 13th. Swimming pool season typically runs from April to September, with much of the country closing their pools just after Labor Day. Closing a pool isn't difficult. In fact, many pool owners refer to Pool Center for tips and guidelines on how to close a pool. We've been providing expert pool advice to our online audience since 1996.

Closing a pool for the season can take some time. Many pool owners will run their pool pumps 24 hours a day in the time leading up to closing their pool. In addition to running the pump longer, it's important to keep up on the regular routines of brushing, vacuuming and skimming the pool. This will ensure that your pool is clean and clear for testing the water. Allow about a week for your water balancing chemicals to properly disperse and level out before closing your pool. 

There are a variety of items that help to keep your pool protected during the colder months. Pool Center has an easy quick-reference section on the website for all of your pool closing needs. Winter chemicals and winter pool covers are among the top purchased items. Experts agree that the best time to start closing your pool is when the outside temperature is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooler temperatures help inhibit the growth of algae, which needs warmth to grow.

Winterizing a pool must be completed before freezing temperatures set in. For your winter cover to fit properly, you'll need to remove the ladder, handrails, fill spouts, eyeball fittings, skimmer baskets, and your pool cleaner. Store them in a safe place until it's time to reopen the pool. If you're storing a solar cover, be sure to hose it clean to remove any leftover chemicals. To prevent mildew, allow your cover to completely dry before rolling it up. Store it in a cool, dry place away from sun exposure or on a solar cover reel with a sun cover. 

National Pool Closing Day signals the end of the summer swim season and the start of hot tub season. Prep your hot tub and spa for additional use by making sure that all parts are in good shape and by testing the water. Pool Center has all the spa and hot tub parts you need, as well as spa chemicals and test strips from quality manufacturers. Add some excitement to your hot tub experience with colorful lights and accessories

Don't have a hot tub? That's okay. Many pool owners have been able to extend their swim season well beyond National Pool Closing Day by using a solar cover or investing in a good pool heater. No matter what you decide, Pool Center is here to provide you expert guidance, top performing products and the lowest prices. Be part of the Pool Center community on Pinterest and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter