Using Sphagnum Moss as a Pool Purifier

by Rob Cox, April 24, 2010

Using Sphagnum Moss as a Pool Purifier

sphagnum moss
There are nearly 350 types of Sphagnum moss, so called due to its prevalence in bogs and mires. According to Wikipedia, some members of this family can hold up to 20x its weight in water. I read an interesting article recently called "Bog Bodies" - kind of gruesome, but the bodies of several thousand year old peoples discovered in European peat bogs were surprisingly well preserved, some with their hair still intact. During World War II, moss found some use as a dressing for soldier's wounds. Dense, absorptive and acidic, moss is effective at controlling infection and healing such flesh wounds.

But the purpose of this article is the use of Sphagnum Moss in swimming pool water treatment. Although it may not completely replace the need for chlorine or other halogen in your pool water, using Sphagnum Moss inhibits the growth of microbes and including algae, and bio-film and can reduce the chlorine demand. As an added benefit, sphagnum moss is naturally grown and harvested sustainably. While growing, Sphagnum Moss filters impurities from it's wet surroundings, and gives off molecular structures that inhibit the growth of microbes.

poolnaturally system

OK...the real purpose of this article (here it comes) is to introduce America to PoolNaturally ® , a system that is easily installed and uses refillable packs of New Zealand Sphagnum Moss. Created by a company called Creative Water Solutions, PoolNaturally, and it's sister product SpaNaturally is the hottest new chlorine alternative available. For about the same cost as installing a Nature2 system, you can immediately begin to reduce your chlorine consumption, while supporting a sustainable harvesting industry.

The Pool Naturally system consists of a dispenser kit with instructions to tap into the pipe of an above ground or in ground pool. Drill a 5/8 hole in the pipe and the Pool Naturally dispenser clamps on. PoolNaturally Sphagnum Moss refills are used in the dispenser in dosages related to the volume of water in the pool. So, if you're looking to reduce chlorine usage, while making your pool clearer, brighter and softer feeling, look into using the PoolNaturally system.

As an added benefit, using Sphagnum Moss in pools and especially in spas, can remove the biofilm that is so talked about today in the spa business. Biofilm is a resistant coating that lines the walls of pvc pipes and fittings, and protects bacterial growth. It becomes nearly impossible to remove, until now. I use the SpaNaturally system on my spa, and even when it's full of dirty kids (or greasy adults) I don't get grossed out anymore. Knowing what I know about microbes, it's hard for me to enjoy public pools and spas. But at home, I have it well taken care of now.