Watts Happening: Advances in green pool lighting technology

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 by Rob Cox December 05, 2010

Watts Happening: Advances in green pool lighting technology

LED POOL LIGHTSFollowing up on a blog post from last December, it seems that pool lighting has again taken leaps to be more eco-friendly and consume less energy. Pool lighting can be one of the largest energy hogs around the pool, especially when used frequently.

LED pool lights, now available, allow you to operate your pool lights at up to 80% less electricity than traditional incandescent fixtures. And what's more, today's pool lights are cool running, and with no internal filament to wear out, the bulbs virtually last forever. Combine these features with sophisticated controllers, and you can program patriotic light shows for July 4th, or a scary color theme for Halloween.

LED light bulbs have continued to drop in price over last year, and LED pool lamps are also beginning to come down. Pentair has introduced the new 5G Intellibrite light, with more power output, while requiring less power input. Hayward's Colorlogic pool light is also in it's 4th generation, with each successor shaving points off of energy consumption, while adding extra bells and whistles.

But what I'm really excited to tell you about - are the new pool light bulbs available. Yes! Lightbulbs! Halco lighting has introduced 3 new bulbs this year, at low cost, including a Pool light CFL bulb! These new CFL pool lightbulbs can replace a regular R40 bulb, burning brighter, at huge savings. You'll want to use your pool light more often. And that's good!

HaloXen pool bulbs: A large improvement over standard incandesccent pool light bulbs, HaloXen pool bulbs outperform in lumens per watt, lumen maintenance, energy savings and average rated light. Secondly, the haloXen bulb produces a higher temperature color, which penetrates water better and further than incandescent bulbs. These bulbs are also dimmable, and contain no mercury. The HaloXen R40 consumes as little as 195 watts at 3000 Lumens or 345 watts at 5400 Lumens. Or, the light of a 500 watt bulb for only 345 watts.

Pool Bright ProLED bulbs: Halco has combined blue and green spectrum light and high-power, energy efficient LED technology into the ProLED bulbs. The blue and green spectrum light, running at over 6000K, penetrates pool water more effectively than red and organde spectrums, saturating your pool from end to end. LED pool light bulbs can last 40000 hours, about 50x longer than regular bulbs. Could be the last pool bulb you ever install. They consume very little energy, with the 3000 lumen (equivalent to a 300 watt bulb) ProLED bulb using only 20 watts. Saving 280 watts every time it turns on, this bulb could start paying you back!CFL lamp for pools

ProLume CFL pool light bulbs: Is this cool, or what? They took a compact flourescent bulb and put it inside of a regular floop lamp bulb shape. Now available for all pools that use a regular medium base flood lamp style bulb. Like the LED pool bulbs, these CFL pool bulbs are made using 6450K light, which increases the efficiency of the light.  The blue and green light is not as readily absorbed by pool water, as is red and orange - with the result being that it travels farther and brighter through your pool water. Available in a 3000 Lumen model, and using only 23 watts, the CFL bulb for pools is going to be just as bright as a 300 watt light, but with a brighter hue. You've replaced your house lights with CFL bulbs, maybe now it's time to change the pool to CFL too.

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