Gift Guide for Cool Pool People

Gift Guide for Cool Pool People
by Rob Cox, November 20, 2019

Gift Guide for Cool Pool People

If you're reading this, chances are good that you either have a pool in your own backyard or you know someone who does. If you have someone on your holiday shopping list who owns - or just enjoys using - a swimming pool, it's hard to go wrong with a pool-related holiday gift. Even if they can't use it right now, they'll thank you again next season!

Another good thing about shopping for holiday pool gifts is that Pool Center offers many great deals on equipment, chemicals, floats, games and other pool supplies throughout the winter months. We have pool gifts for every age and every budget - there's a little something for everyone! Give the pool people on your list something they'll really use and enjoy.



Sea-Saw Pool Rocker

sea saw pool rocker

The enormous Sea-Saw Pool Rocker is sure to provide a swimming season full of fun and laughter. Just inflate it, grab a friend, and get to rocking! Featuring heavy duty construction, reinforced grab handles and separate compartments for both people to sit, it's easy to see why this popular pool rocker stands out from the competition. Measuring 100" long, 60" tall and with a 300-pound weight capacity, this fun inflatable toy is big and it's built to last.

Pirate Island Adventure Set

pirate island floating play set

Kids of all ages can set sail for adventure on this fun-filled Pirate Island Floating Play Set. A swim-through hole inside the island allows for a quick getaway from enemies surrounding the fortress, or slide down the moat slide at the front of the island. This set includes a pirate flag and three inflatable swords and shields to help young imaginations take flight. You know what they say about pirate islands, though - there's often hidden treasure in the area. Add an extra dimension to pool play with a Ship Wreck Diving Game modeled after the Titanic, which breaks apart to reveal coins, jewels, a safe and more!

AquaJogger Jr.

aqua jogger junior belt

Give the gift of pool time this holiday season, and help your child or your friends' children learn to swim. The AquaJogger Jr. is a smaller version of the popular AquaJogger running belt for adults, and it's perfect for building a child's confidence in the water or introducing them to swimming. It also offers safety and peace of mind for all involved. Just fasten the belt, and it will keep the child's head above water while helping them into the correct swimming position. Another great swim learning and safety gift for children is the USCG approved life vests by Texas Recreation. in 4 sizes to fit kids from 2-7 years of age.

Fun Pool Floats

fun pool floats

It's hard to keep up with the number of awesome pool floats on the market these days. They're fun, colorful, and they come in just about every shape and size to suit any interest and any age group. Kids and adults alike will get a thrill out of finding one of these under the Christmas tree. There are realistic ride-on whales, oversized flamingos, swans and parrots, and even food-related floats like a slice of pizza or a giant lollipop. Check out our fun pool inflatables page to find a float that's just right for each person on your gift list.

Pool Sports Games

pool sports

Want to give the most memorable gift this holiday season? We'll give you a hint...transform the pool into a water sports zone. It's a fun activity for families or for friends to join in when they visit. Whether it's volleyball, basketball, water polo or pool golf, we have 15 games to fit any shape, size or type of pool. They also come in many different materials and are offered in a wide range of price points, making it easy to fit these pool games into any budget. You won't have to convince the kids to "go play outside" anymore - they'll be begging YOU to let them hop in the pool.




Robotic Pool Cleaner

robotic pool cleaner

Give the gift of an impeccably clean pool this year with a new robotic pool cleaner. Unlike a suction cleaner (which puts extra wear and tear on your pool pump and filter system) or a pressure cleaner (which requires the purchase of a secondary booster pump), a robotic cleaner is a simple, self-contained cleaner that puts the least amount of strain on your pool system. The warranties for robotic cleaners typically last longer than other pool cleaners, and they offer a better overall cleaning experience. Most models will also clean the walls for you as they move around the pool. It's worth mentioning that wintertime brings huge discounts for pool cleaners, so it's easier than ever to shop for that special someone on your gift list.

Fun Pool Floats

rose wine pool float

We've talked about pool floats before, but they're worth another mention. Beyond the floats designed for kids, there are a ton of fun pool floats that are geared toward adults! For the wine aficionado, we have an oversized bottle of rosé. For the connoisseur of good brews, a floating beer mug with a built-in drink cooler and cup holder should do the trick. There's a floating blackjack table with waterproof playing cards, a stack of cool, hard cash, or there's even a comfy Aqua Sofa with pillows for a day of stylish leisure by the pool. From wild, exotic animals to the simpler classic floats, you'll find that we have a little something for everyone. Take a look, and see what we have to offer!

Luxurious Pool Lounger

super soft pool lounger

If you're shopping for someone who thoroughly enjoys lounging in the pool, then we have the perfect gift! Treat them to extreme pool comfort with a Super Soft fully adjustable recliner. Sit up, lean back, or lay it flat and get your tan on - all you have to do is turn a knob on either side of the seat to find the perfect adjustment. Thick layers of soft, vinyl-coated foam cover an internal steel frame, which provides unparalleled support and durability for years of use. This lounger includes a cup holder in each oversized armrest, a comfortable extra wide seat and built-in headrest. These awesome foam pool float loungers make wonderful pool gifts for others, but we won't judge you if you get one for yourself, too.

Pool Signs

swimming pool signs

From pool rules and safety warnings to humorous signs and sayings, any pool area can benefit from a good looking pool sign. Know someone with a spa or hot tub? There are signs for them, as well! Find general rules, diving warnings, "no lifeguard on duty" signs, emergency information, gate signs, pool capacity limits, signs for pool lifts or handicap assistance, and of course a few funny quips about pool cleanliness and swimming habits. These gifts are simple and inexpensive, but can leave a lasting impact. They make great stocking stuffers or supplemental holiday gifts.



Pool Heater

pool heater

This is a gift that's guaranteed to generate pure excitement. With the gift of a pool heater, pool opening day just got a whole lot closer. Depending on the local climate, there can be several options for adding heat to the pool. If living in warmer climates that stay mild through the winter, you might find that a heat pump will work better for the pool. Some heat pumps also have a cooling function to bring the water temperature down during hot summer months. If living in cooler climates, a gas pool heater will provide more months of swim time at both ends of pool season. In most areas, a heater can keep a pool open and the water temperature comfortable year-round. 

Green Pool

eco friendly pool water

Wait. What?! Isn't a green pool a bad thing? Well, not always. The type of green pool we're talking about is not the algae-infested kind. We're talking about pools that are healthier for you AND for the environment. There are so many ways you can give someone a "green" eco-friendly pool. For example, there are energy-efficient pool heaters, money-saving variable speed pool pumps, and there are even sanitizer systems that reduce the need for chlorine and other pool chemicals, such as ozonators, mineral purifiers and salt chlorinators. The gift of a "green" pool is a meaningful present that will continue giving for many years to come. Did we mention the best part? Most eco-friendly pool equipment will end up saving the user quite a bit of money in utility costs and chemical expenses. Now THAT is giving the gift of GREEN!

Heavy Duty Tools

leaf bone for poolsMost pool owners have the basic cleaning tools they need to keep the pool clean, but who wouldn't appreciate some professional grade gear to make pool cleaning a bit less of a chore? For example, check out our Skimlite Professional Tele-Poles. 2-Pc, 3-Pc and even 4-Pc telescopic pool poles, that extend as far as 31 feet! For the pool that has a leaf problem, here's a great gadget - the Leaf Bone allows you to connect a leaf rake to any pool ladder, to skim the pool automatically! Speaking of Leaf Rakes, check out our 20" commercial Leaf Rake or our 24" version, both made with soft mesh fabric and ultra durable to last for years.

Professional Test Kit

Lamotte ColorQ test kit The Lamotte ColorQ Pro Test Kit features a hand-held photometer that compares the test sample to millions of colors and displays the digital test readings on-screen instantly. No need to take water samples to the pool store - the ColorQ is more accurate and lots more fun. Used by health departments and water authorities to meet the most stringent water testing requirements. Another Poolcenter favorite test kit, and the one used by pool stores and thousands of pool service companies worldwide is the Taylor K-2005 test kit. Or, for just $18, give the Taylor Troubleshooter kit - much more accurate than test strips, for just a few dollars more.



So, there you are! Pool Gifts for every age of swimming pool enthusiast! Be unique this year and give the gift of pool! Andeven better if they can't use the gift until next summer - your gift will be appreciated twice as much - and you will be remembered both in winter and summer! :-)


- Rob