Spa Cover Replacement: How to Measure & Order

spa cover replacement
by Mark Garcia October 15, 2013

Tips for Measuring for a Spa Cover

spa cover measurements


This is peak season for replacement spa covers. Spa owners tend to either replace their cover in the fall, or in the spring.

If you are looking to replace your spa cover, here's some practical tips on measuring correctly, so that your new spa cover fits like a glove.

You'll need a measuring tape for taking measures A and B. For measurement C, the corner radius, you can use a carpenter's square or use two rigid measuring tapes, rulers or yard sticks.


Spa Cover Measurement Tips

  1. For overall size, bigger is better. Round up to the nearest inch.
  2. For corners, smaller is best, round down on your corner radius.
  3. A spa cover that snugly fits the spa shell is best for heat retention.
  4. If the old spa cover is a good fit, measure it to verify your spa shell measures.
  5. Indicate any preference in the hinge location, or how you want the cover to fold.
  6. You know what they say - 'measure twice, cut once'.

Spa Cover Skirt Tips

  1. If your spa shell is raised above the cabinet, measure from cabinet to top of spa shell.
  2. If your spa shell sides are flush with the cabinet, measure the raised shell, and add 1-2 in.
  3. If your spa shell is below cabinet sides, or is and inground or in deck spa, no skirt is needed.

Spa Cover Corner Measurement Tips

this is what happens when you don't measure your spa corner radius properly!If your spa cover has angled corners, you will measure all perimeter sizes. Use an ink pen to make a small mark on the cover or spa corners, so you are measuring the start and finish of a side at the same exact point.

To measure a radius of a rounded spa cover corner you would use two measuring sticks, or a carpenter's square to find out where they intersect. Don't guess at this measurement, or you may end up with corners that don't fit properly, like this spa in the picture!

There is a small amount of judgement used when you locate the start of the radius. You have to make a determination on where the curve begins.

It is best to round up on your radius measurements, rather than rounding down.

Most radius corners for spa covers are even numbers, 4, 6, or 8 inch - up to 12 inch radius corners are common on spas and hot tubs.


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Mark Garcia