Swimming Pool Covers: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Swimming Pool Covers: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
by Mark Garcia
January 03, 2014

CLint Eastwood's Good, Bad and the Ugly - United Artists

Swimming pool covers were originally invented for northern pool owners to keep out leaves and sunlight during winter. They are also useful for the same reason, for the southern pool owner who wants to close a pool, reduce maintenance, or keep their pool safe during the off season.

Not all pool covers are created equal however, there are good pool covers, and there are bad pool covers. You probably know which category your own pool cover falls into, but part of it may be how you approach winter pool cover maintenance. If your cover requires lots of it, a good cover can become bad quickly, if you don't pump off rainwater, remove debris, prevent holes and keep the cover fitted properly.

Any Good Pool Cover can become Ugly, and Bad - if not maintained. Here's some inspiration for pool water level (mesh safety covers), and for solid covers, keep your pool cover clean and dry, and held in place with water tubes or aqua blocks.

Here's a pictorial essay, on the Good, Bad & Ugly pool covers, with a nod to Clint Eastwood, and United Artists.


Pool Covers: The GOOD


Pool Covers: The BAD


Pool Covers: The UGLY


ugly backyard memegenTake care of your pool cover, and you can avoid having to look at an ugly pool cover all winter.

The easiest to maintain are mesh safety covers, followed by solid safety covers. The most work is required for your solid, water bag type pool covers. Automatic pool covers also require frequent cleaning and pumping.

And sometimes, for some pool owners, any pool cover is ugly, and they'd rather look at a dirty pool, than a dirty cover. I can understand that.



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