Cool Pool Cleaning Equipment and Accessories

Cool Pool Cleaning Equipment and Accessories
by Rob Cox
June 03, 2014

Cool Pool Cleaning Tools

Keeping your pool clean should be as simple as possible, in my opinion. The pool cleaner may get most of the debris, but after storms or windy days, there may be some clean-up. Here's a short list of some lesser known pool cleaning tools and accessories to help keep your pool cleaner. 

Aquapower skimmer weir door

AquaPower Skimmer Weir: Here's something you may not have seen - me neither until I stumbled upon it on our website today! At first I was skeptical, mainly because it looks so odd - a complete departure from normal skimmer weirs. But after watching the video, I can see that this is indeed an improvement on the skimmer weir design. Improves suction by up to 300% (claims manufacturer), and improves skimming action for low flow or low speed pool pumps.


The Scamp portable pool pump and filter, on a cart

Scamp Portable Filter System: We had several versions of this on our service trucks, to quickly vacuum pools while the systems were being reassembled in spring, or disassembled in fall for closing. Connect your vacuum hose to use as a portable vacuum system that allows you to pump clean water back into the pool, or attach a short suction hose and use it as an additional filter system for those times when the pool filter is overwhelmed. Just prime the pump, attach your suction and discharge hoses, and plug the 3-prong plug into any grounded outlet. Also useful for clean-up of fountains or ponds that don't have traditional systems.



PoolStone Cleaning Blocks: Pumice stones have been used for years to help the pool owner scrape off deposits, black algae, or stains from plaster pools. An improvement on the volcanic pumice stone, PoolStone uses recycled glass and other reclaimed materials to create a highly effective scrubber tool for plaster and concrete pools. Use it to remove water line stains, rust, calcium or smooth out rough areas on the pool steps. And because it's recycled materials (and not volcanic rock), you can feel better about the purchase.


Infusion Venturi return fitting for pools

Infusion Venturi Return Fitting: A pool accessory that improves circulation, helping to keep your pool cleaner. Most eyeball fittings can only direct the water at most about 25 degrees, and are not very effective at creating a circular flow pattern or a slight ripple along the edge of the pool. The reduction in the size of the opening and its unique design accelerates the water and it pulls in water from thru the vents to increase flow even more. An inexpensive item that could make a big difference for pools with poor circulation, or those that use a low pump speed.


hammerhead pool vacuum

Hammerhead: Full disclosure, I've never used the hammerhead, but I've seen it on the back of enough pool service trucks to know that it's appreciated by many in the business. It's a battery operated, portable and very powerful vacuum that connects to a special pool pole. It's not an automatic pool cleaner, but is used for quick vacuuming of a pool, without pulling debris into the filter system. Especially useful for underpowered systems that have very little vacuum suction, or for pools that are filled with leaves and heavy debris which would require stopping every 10 minutes to empty a pump basket or backwash the filter.

Pool Blaster Leaf Vacuum

Pool Blaster Leaf Vacuum: The Jandy Leaf Master is another one of Andrew Pansini's marvelous inventions, which has been copied many times (we sell the 'Big Sucker', a knock-off). The Pool Blaster Leaf Vac is an improvement on the design, because you don't need to connect a heavy garden hose that gets in the way. The onboard motor, powered by 8-AA batteries, operates a large plastic propeller to pull leaves up into the bag. This is also a radical design change on the original, which uses venturi suction, from 24 jets that shoot up into the bag. Oversized bag on top can hold a large volume of leaves (like the original).


36in. pool brush36 inch Pool Brush: If you're gonna brush the pool, you may as well be efficient! Twice as large as an 18 in. pool brush, for twice as fast pool brushing! This brush has an aluminum frame to prevent breakage, which can happen to all plastic pool brushes. Nylon bristles are safe for any pool type, but strong enough to take algae off the wall. Replace your pool brush when the bristles on the front begin to wear down; this causes a big drop in effectiveness.


- Rob