Inground Pool Winterization Checklist

In Ground Swimming Pool closing checklist
Mark Garcia, August 7, 2018

Inground Pool Winterization Checklist

safety pool cover

I hate to say it, but winter is right around the corner. For those in the snowbelt, mild pool weather starts disappearing quickly after the first week of September.

Right now is the perfect time to take stock of your pool closing supplies and be sure that you're ready for the big day...pool closing day, that is. If you plan to close the pool yourself, it's important to take an early inventory so you know what needs to be ordered for the job.

Also important is early water balancing and shocking of the pool. Do this a few days or a week ahead of pool closing day so that your water is in prime condition for hibernation. And of course, if there are poor water conditions (such as algae in the pool), it's best to fix these issues before putting on the pool cover. Otherwise, your pool risks re-opening with stains, etching and deposits.

So, gear up and get ready! Pool closing season is upon us! Here's a quick checklist for some winter pool supplies you may need:


pool closing checklist


Here's a quick run-down on the winterization process, which can also be used as a pool closing checklist: 


  1. Balance the pool water.
  2. Clean the pool thoroughly.
  3. Lower the water level.
  4. Add winter pool chemicals.
  5. Clean the pool filter thoroughly.
  6. Remove drain plugs on equipment.
  7. Blow out the lines (to remove water from pipes and equipment).
  8. Plug the lines (so no water gets back in).
  9. Place a skimmer bottle or gizzmo in the skimmer.
  10. Shut off power to pump and pool light(s).


For more detailed instructions, click here to learn more about inground pool winterization.

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Mark Garcia