Winter Pool Cover Fail

Winter Pool Cover Fail
by Mark Garcia January 13, 2016

Here's a story with a moral, or an expensive lesson to be learned. Today we look at some winter pool cover failures - dramatic and catastrophic, it's like looking at a train wreck, you can't turn away.

Winter pool covers require a certain water level in the pool, to support the pool cover, in the event of heavy, wet snow. Safety pool covers need the water level to be no lower than 12-15" from the top edge of the pool. Low water level damage is not covered under warranty, sorry.

Here's a look at some unfortunate damage to safety pool covers that have failed under a heavy snow load, due to low pool water level. These pools probably had a slow leak during previous months, one that the pool owner probably was not aware of.  

damaged pool safety cover, from low water level and heavy snow


plaster pool with safety cover destroyed by low water level, then ice and snow


tiny vinyl leaks can lose a lot of water during winter, and then - snap!


another pool cover destroyed from low water level during winter


pair of vinyl pools with winter water loss, and resultant cover damage

Well, live and learn I suppose - the key take-away here, or moral to the story is to Check your water level during winter; if you have a leak that can't be fixed, add water as needed to keep the pool (mostly) full.
Safety covers are strong, but not that strong - especially when they approach the 10-yr. mark, the materials are much weaker than when newer.


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Mark Garcia