Simple Steps Saves Lives - Part I: Supervision

Simple Steps Saves Lives: Supervision
Rob Cox  May 6, 2016

Poolcenter is proud to be a Pool Safely Partner, and being that May is Pool Safety Month, it's the perfect time for a series of blog posts, promoting the excellent video series "Simple Steps Save Lives". is a pool safety arm of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and came into existence due to new legislation in the Pool & Spa Safety Act of 2007.

Simple Steps Saves Lives is more than a slogan but actually a set of simple steps - that can save lives, by focusing parents and kids on main gaps in pool safety.

Today, and in the following 2 posts later this month, we'll host several fine videos from the Simple Steps Save Lives video series.



Every year approximately 300 children under the age of 5 drown in swimming pools and spas, thousands more are hospitalized for close calls. Every single one of these deaths and injuries is preventable. Simple Steps Save Lives. And not just one or two steps, but multiple steps must be taken at all times to ensure safety around pools and spas. That's what we mean by Pool Safely. So always apply as many of the following simple steps as possible, because you never know which safety step will save a life - until it does.

Simple Steps Save Lives

  1. Supervision
  2. Fencing
  3. Pool & Spa Covers
  4. Alarms
  5. Safety Drain Covers
  6. Swimming Lessons
  7. Learning CPR




When there's the potential for trouble, my boy's going to find it. So I pool Safely by staying within arm's reach. No matter what kind of pool, lifeguards or not, a designated adult watches the kids. When I'm the Water Watcher, I move my chair near the edge. I do a regular head count and step in when there's too much horsing around. When there's a group of kids and parents, we always know who the Water Watcher is, and we always keep track of our own kids. And when swim time is over, when the kids are out of the pool area, is when I make phone calls, respond to texts or chat with friends.

Actively Supervise swimmersActive Pool Supervision

  1. Stay within Arm's Reach
  2. Have a designated Water Watcher
  3. Do constant head counts
  4. Step in if there is horseplay
  5. Focus on the kids, Chat or Read later



So remember, this summer let's all Pool Safely; brush up on your Supervision skills above, or visit, for the entire Simple Steps video series.


- Rob