Simple Steps Save Lives: Pool Safety Systems

Simple Steps Save Lives: Pool Safety Systems

Rob Cox  May 25, 2016 

Poolcenter is proud to be a Pool Safely Partner, and being that May is Pool Safety Month, it's the perfect time for a series of blog posts, promoting the excellent video series 'Simple Steps Save Lives'. is a pool safety arm of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and came into existence due to new legislation in the Pool &Spa Safety Act of 2007.

Simple Steps Saves Lives is more than a slogan but actually a set of simple steps - that can save lives, by focusing parents and kids on the basics of pool safety.

Second in a series of pool safety posts this month, we host several fine videos from's Simple Steps Save Lives video series.



Transcript: I do everything I can to keep the kids I babysit safe, starting with always keeping an eye on them. A pool fence is also a super important way to 'Pool Safely'. It's a physical barrier that keeps kids out of the pool. Fencing needs to be at least 4 ft high, ideally five, and impossible to climb. It has to have a gate that closes and latches completely on its own, and a latch release knob that cannot be reached by little ones. A good pool fence should surround the entire pool. If your home acts as a 4th wall for your pool, be sure to install and use door alarms. A good pool fence is a guardian that's always vigilant, but it doesn't replace supervision or water safety skills. If a family I babysit for has a pool, I make sure to talk to them about the system of safety they use.

Barrier Fencing Save LivesBarrier Fencing Saves Lives

  1. Barrier Fencing is Required
  2. 4 to 5 feet Tall, Non-Climbable
  3. Self-Closing and Self-Latching Gates
  4. Latch Release Knob at top of Gate
  5. 3-sided fence? Use Door Alarms
  6. Fences do not replace Supervision
  7. When at other pools, learn the safety system





Transcript: Pool and spa safety covers are a great way to 'Pool Safely'. Visually, they say 'Not Open'. Safety pool covers tested to meet ASTM safety standards should be strong enough to support a child or children who don't know any better. Teach kids to stay away from pools that are covered. Spas should always be covered and locked when not in use. There are safety covers and pool covers that are designed to be used daily, automatic pool covers that can be removed by an adult in a short time. So, choose the one that works best for you. And don't forget about ladders on aboveground pools, lock them or remove when the pool is not in use. The scream 'Climb Me' to the little ones. And remember, nothing replaces constant supervision.

Pool & Spa Covers
pool and spa safety covers save lives

  1. Safety covers are ASTM certified
  2. Teach kds to stay away from covered pools
  3. Keep spas covered and Locked when not in use
  4. Automatic pool covers are designed for daily use
  5. Remove or Lock aboveground pool ladders after use
  6. Nothing replaces constant supervision





Transcript: Jake is three which means he's quick, agile and super curious. So, we 'Pool Safely' with a couple of alarms. One goes off when the back door that leads to our pool is opened, the other in the pool and goes off when something falls in the water. This way if a neighbors child, a friend or even Jake somehow gets to the pool without anyone knowing, I'll know about it instantly. There are many alarm choices, ones for house doors, pool gates, surface wave and underwater alarms, even ones that your child can wear. We chose a pool alarm that works best for us, you can choose the system that works best for you. Remember that close supervision is always a requirement.

Door, Gate and Pool Alarms
door gate and pool alarms save lives

  1. Use alarms on doors and gates leading to the pool
  2. In-Pool alarms sense subsurface waves
  3. Wearable alarms are an excellent layer of protection
  4. Choose a pool alarm system that works best for you
  5. If you have alarms, use them, or find a new method
  6. Nothing replaces constant supervision





Transcript: My girl is always curious and that can be dangerous in a pool or spa. We 'Pool Safely' by staying away from drains, skimmers, pipe and vacuum lines and other pool equipment that can pose a danger to swimmers. It may sound strange, but whenever we go to a new pool, I make sure to ask about safety drain covers, they can help prevent jewelry and hair from getting entangled, and they are shaped to help prevent suction entrapment. Plus, public pools are required by law to have them. My daughter likes to tease me for being a safety geek, but she's worth it. We know that Simple Steps Save Lives.

Safety Drain Covers
safety drain covers save lives

  1. Tell your kids to stay away from drains
  2. Other suction lines (skimmer and vacuum) too
  3. When at other pools, ask about safety drain covers
  4. Be sure your drain covers are safe and secured
  5. Dual main drains are safer than single drains
  6. Nothing replaces constant supervision





So remember, this summer let's all Pool Safely; see what pool safety systems you can add to your pool this year, or visit, for the entire Simple Steps video series and videos for the kids too!.


- Rob