Christmas Pool Party Decoration Ideas

Christmas Pool Party Decoration Ideas
Rob Cox December 14, 2016


It's December and that means 3 weeks of Holiday parties to attend. For those of you in the sunbelt, your pool can become a festive focal point, decorated in red and green, or silver and gold, with lights! Lots of Lights!

Christmas pool party decorating is taking off! 3 years ago, I would have found one (1) picture online that sort-of looked like a pool decorated for Christmas. But now, Google images (and Pinterest of course), is flooded with images of Christmas pool party decorations. Well, maybe not flooded - but at least enough pics to fill a blog post!

Christmas Pool Party Safety

Before I show you the pretty pools decorated with holiday swag, a few safety points for your holiday parties by the pool.

1. Lighting within 5 feet of the pool should be Solar or Battery Operated. Do not use 110V plug-in Christmas lights strung above or around the pool. Fatal electrocution could occur.

2. Floating candles are pretty, block the entrance to the skimmer so you don't have a black and melted skimmer lid. Tape wood dowels or chicken wire to make a skimmer grate.

3. If swimming is not planned, and a lifeguard is not provided - post several No Swimming or Pool Closed signs around the backyard.

OK, on to the pictures! A pictorial of pools decorated for Christmas. Great ideas for a holiday pool party, or if you just love to decorate for the holidays, do the pool too!

Christmas Pool Party Decoration Ideas

Inflatable Holiday Pool Decorations (not fan operated; safe to use)


Floating Balloon Christmas Trees! A center string and weight keep them from moving or tipping over. 


Hundreds of Plastic Votives lining the edge of the pool. (battery operated is safer, and much easier!)


Christmas Light Balls made with chicken wire and mini lights. (semi-safe to use on this frozen pool)


Christmas Tree IN the Pool! With floating ornaments - very festive!


Santa Claus (aka Father Christmas, Papa Noel) in the Pool! Fun Christmas pool decoration idea.


Candle Luminaries around the Pool, lights the way for Santa's sleigh! Battery operated candles are safer and easier.


Floating Christmas Pool Centerpiece, and Lights! Lots of Lights! (over the pool is not safe)


Large Poinsettias around the pool, Floating centerpiece and flower candles, and lights! Lots of Lights!


Happy Holidays to everyone! If you decorate your pool for the holidays, send me a picture and I'll add it to this list!

- Rob