Vintage Motel Pool Postcards

Vintage Motel Pool Postcards
by Rob Cox, November 30, 2017

It's hard to believe that people sent these funny postcards to each other when traveling on vacation, but before we could facebook our travels, postcards were the main way of bragging about the glamorous life. Postcards could be purchased for 5 or 10 cents back then, or you could use the free postcards in your hotel room, which of course promoted the hotel, with a sly word of mouth method. Stamp a 5 cent postage stamp on it, and leave it with the front desk for the daily mail pickup. 

In the 50's, 60's and 70's - destination hotels put in large inground pools by the thousands. It quickly became  accepted that if you wanted to attract family travelers, a pool was expected. Postcards featuring swimming pools were soon to become almost a cliche, as motels with pools became standard across America. But the meaning goes deeper, as the savvy hotelier is trying to convey, swimming pools represent relaxation, fun, glamour, a vacation lifestyle. 

So then, I thought it would be fun to post a lighter topic today, a pictorial post featuring swimming pools, as portrayed through post cards from the past. 


Retro Postcards for Hotels with Pools









You can still find postcards like these at many resorts around the country, but just not so free anymore, and it'll cost you more than a nickel to mail them! 

Hope you enjoyed a look at some retro pool images, in these vintage postcards. Some of these have such funny staging of people and props, and low resolution and low color - they're classics!