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SR Smith Buys Inter-Fab
by Rob Cox May 9, 2019


In early August of 2018, SR Smith, a large producer of pool slide and dive equipment, quietly released a press release announcing their purchase of Inter-Fab, their main competitor in the pool deck equipment category. 

As part of the deal, SR smith will continue to produce many of the existing Inter-Fab products but discontinued the entire line of residential pool slides made by Inter-Fab. 

The following pool slide models are no longer available for sale or purchase: 

  • Inter-Fab Adrenaline

  • Inter-Fab City 2

  • Inter-Fab G-Force 2

  • Inter-Fab White Water

  • Inter-Fab Wild Ride

  • Inter-Fab X-Stream 2

  • Inter-Fab Zoomerang


Where can you Buy Inter-Fab pool slides? 

Production on Inter-Fab slides ceased in August, 2019 and remaining inventory has been depleted. For warranty and product support for these discontinued slides, please visit ifideckslides.com

Retailers like us were quick to change our websites, and remove the Inter-Fab slides from our catalog. Perhaps there were too many slides to choose from, with over a dozen different slide choices. Now we have a half-dozen slide choices from SR Smith, and a couple of inflatable kiddie slides for inground pools or above ground pools with decks. 

SR Smith went to the trouble to produce a pool slide replacement chart, to show which SR Smith slides most closely match the no-longer available Inter-Fab slides. SR Smith calls it the Deck Slide Functional Equivalent Guide, but your could call it a Slide Supercedence Summary, or just the Inter-Fab to SR Smith cross reference chart. :-) 

Replacing an Inter-Fab Pool Slide

Swimming pool slides are not replaced very often, they are long term investments that can see decades in service. Eventually though, a slide may suffer some weather related calamity, or it may crack or begin to lean to one side, or otherwise become unsafe.

When it comes time to replace an Inter-Fab slide, you can use the cross-reference chart above to find a comparable SR Smith pool slide, in terms of seat height and footprint, or total deck space needed for mounting. None of the SR Smith slides will retrofit onto the same deck mountings as an Inter-Fab slide. The old bolts can be cut-off flush, and new anchors or lags installed to mount the new pool slide. 

Are there Pool Slides for Aboveground Pools? 

This is a question we get frequently, and the short answer is no. All of the deck mounted pool slides that we sell are intended for permanent installation on inground pools. We do have a few inflatable slides that can be used if you have a large enough deck section around an above ground pool. And, although it is not recommended and will likely void the warranty or other claims, I have heard of people installing the Cyclone pool slide on an above ground pool. But you would need a large pool deck and a large pool to even attempt installation, and even that would not be completely safe, and is counter to the slides intended purpose. 


Now that you know how the world of swimming pool slides has changed, you are smarter because of it, and can better plan your Slide into Summer! 



- Rob 


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